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Are We in Vermont?


See that? That's the chart of the hills we climbed when we rode our bikes into the Sourlands of NJ on Saturday. Oh, yeah, a nice 50 mile ride up and down some flippin' big hills! Who knew we had such hills in New Jersey? Well, most of us who live here and ever traveled to the western or north western sections of the state.

I'm very proud of me on that ride. I didn't rest on any of those hills, or get off the bike once! Though I did travel pretty slowly on them, I kept chugging along. I only wish I brought a camera because some of the views were amazing and we traveled along rodes that sometimes contained more bike riders than cars.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon how you look at it), we're doing it again this Saturday, only going farther! Oh, and for those who like numbers, it was a 50.5 mile ride with a 3050 foot elevation (i.e., total amount of climbing across all hills, which also means, we had descents of 3050 feet). In Vermont, the highest elevation we had was 2800 feet (or so) and that came going over one long slow climb over a mountain.

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Congratulations. From your most admiring couch potato fan.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Thanks Deborah!


Whew, I am pooped just from reading about your ride, Kim! Extremely impressive accomplishment, no wonder you are proud of yourself!!

I am in awe!! I also had no idea there were hills that big in New Jersey.

Barb Cabot:

Kim this is really impressive. I admire you esp. when you say you're doing it again! Really some accomplishment.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

You all are fabulous for my ego, thanks so much!


I'm also completely awe-struck -- that looks like an incredibly difficult ride! Kim, you must have buns of steel.

I keep meaning to leave a comment - count me in the camp of the super impressed!! What an accomplishment.


Chiocciola, you're one to talk - your boot camp regimen and your 5K training left me totally inspired!

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