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1:30am Phone Chain

One of the things the chaperons on Becky's trip do is initiate a phone chain whenever they fly and touchdown in their destination. Yesterday, Becky left for LAX where she'll catch a connecting flight to Sydney. What does that mean? At 1:30am (flight was an hour late) my phone rang but it wasn't Allison, the chaperon, it was Becky! It seems Natalia let Becky use her phone. Beck didn't know if she should call because she didn't know if it would make her feel bad. She felt better but I felt a bit sad after talking to her. Though, still good to hear her voice (even at that crazy hour) and know she's okay. Five minutes later, my cell phone rang (that's my designated reach number), and it was Allison telling me everyone was good, the flight was a bit delayed and to initiate the phone chain.

It looks like her flight to Sydney may have departed late, so I should get another phone chain call in about 11 hours.

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I'm glad you heard from Becky and got to talk with her! Don't be too sad, your little bird's just spreading her wings a bit. (What you've been preparing her for all these years!) :)
Can't wait to hear about her first impressions of Australia.


It's nice to know all is well.


Sad's not the right word - it's almost homesick I guess.

Yep, Lisa - I'm glad they contact us on transfer days to let us know what's going on. I'm also checking flightarrivals.com. They made up some time and will only be 30 minutes late, landing in 4h42m.

It sounds like we've got another generation of slowtravelers coming up in the ranks!


It sounds as if all is going well with Becky....and I know what you mean, about feeling homesick when you hear the voice of a loved one who is far away -- even if you're the one stuck at home! I guess that says something about where home really is....

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