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Another Car Saga

Some of you may well remember my car saga of two summers ago, Chrysler Sebring and Why Chrysler Sucks (btw - that Chrysler dealership has since gone out of business). Well, if you followed along, you also know that 20 months ago, I traded in that piece of junk for a used Volvo convertible (2004) from Edison Volvo.

I'm not going into all the gory details on this one because really, there aren't any. Basically, a few weeks ago, my car started acting up. Nothing major, just sometimes it wouldn't turn over the first or second time I'd go to start it.

Finally, last week, while I was on the way to take Sammi to a lifeguard tournament, I couldn’t get to turnover at all, so we piled into my mom's car. I called Volvo's roadside assistance, who offered to come tow it (free of charge mind you, because I'm under warranty), but I told them to wait, since I wasn't at the house, and I'd call them back. When I got back to the house, the car started fine, so instead I called Edison Volvo, and the conversation went almost exactly like this:

"Hi Service, how can we help you?"

"HI, well, I'm hoping for a minor miracle. My car won't turn over the first time I start it (sometimes more), and I was hoping I could get an appointment on Thursday (this was Tuesday by the way), and get a loaner car."

"Hold on let me check." I’m on hold for a minute or so. "You just had your car in for the 45K check up a couple of months ago, at 44K miles, about how many miles are on the car now."

"I'm not sure, about 45 and change I'd imagine (it was actually 46 and change)."

"Yeah, I think we can fit you in. Is 8:30 okay?"

"Sure, is that with a loaner?"

"Yes, we can do that for you."

I hung up pleased as punch. Mind you, I never gave them my personal information over the phone, they new me from my phone number and pulled up my records immediately!

On Thursday, I dropped my car off at 8:30 and got a spiffy used S40 to tool around in for the day. Nice car, small but lots of fun spunk, nice suspension. At 2:00, they called me to tell me that they fixed my car and it would be ready at 4:00 (all under warranty).

At 4:00 I arrive, they bring my newly washed car out to me, I get in, go to put the top down, and uh, oh, it doesn't go down. I walk back into the service area, and they come out and immediately drive the car back into the garage.

Twenty minutes later, they return and apologize, they had thought they may have blown a fuse when they fixed the other problem, but as it turns out, that wasn't it, and what they had thought fixed the other problem didn't work, because it happened while they were diagnosing the roof (it's an intermittent problem, sometimes the car starts, sometimes it doesn't). They felt really bad.

Now normally, loaners must be returned by 6:00 but they knew I was heading out of town that night, and offered me one for as long as I needed it. Not only that, they offered me a choice, and though it's more like a family sedan rather than the zippy little cars I prefer, I opted for the S60 so the girls would have more leg room. And that's what I got - a beautiful, brand new (only 1300 miles on it), S60 to take out of town.

They still have my car. They're still trying to figure out the problem. And they said, if need be, they'll deliver it to me at the beach when it's fixed so my vacation isn't interrupted. Can you believe that??

So yes, I'm upset about not having my car right now but things happen and I'm pleased as punch with what Volvo is doing to alleviate my stress. Would I buy another car from Edison Volvo, at this moment, in a NY heartbeat!

An Update: On Monday, they delivered my car to me (over 70 miles from the dealer) and picked up the loaner. I haven't started the car yet or driven it but I feel pretty confident it will be fine. Oh, and because of all the rain we've received in the last 24 hours, they put new wipers on the car, FOC. I don't think anyone can ask for anything more.

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I swear, all I did was ride in it! *grin*

Amazing dealership.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ah, Amy - so you're the one! :) Actually, it had happened a couple of times before your "visit."


Wow, that's amazing service! I've always wanted a Volvo ....(please don't tell my sturdy little Toyota that I said that!)

Wow, too bad I am so far away! I would definitely go to your dealer for my next car. I am mulling over what to get at this very moment. Have fun with your loaner and on your trip.


You were due to get some great service after all you have been through!!

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