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Oooh, I just took my pain meds, which is the generic form of percaset or oxy-coton or something. I've just taken them before going to sleep but I over did it yesterday and was a bit sore today, so I just decided to take them now (so I can take them again before bed) and man am I flying ..... wheeee. Hope the doc doesn't call now b/c there's no way I'll get what she's saying anyway.

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Oh yeah, drugs are goooood for when you are in such pain. Feel better soon.....

enjoy the buzz and pretend it's 1978. I'll check back in the morning italia time.


Kim, do you have a counter on your blog? I'll bet there were so many hits on it today Google will be calling you to attach ads!


Whee! Have fun!


{said in a whiny kids' voice}:

Aunt Diaaa-aane! Kim is taking druuu-uugs!



Yeah, baby! If you weave some flowers into your hair, please post photos.

Hope you get some news soon -- I'll keep checking back (if only to hear more about the Magic Carpet Ride!)

I have to say that blog posts whilst Kim is stoned on the pain meds are rather special!


Enjoy the high, Kim!

Will check with you in the morning.

I just bargained with my orthopedic doctor on Tuesday for percocet. He was planning to give me a wimpy pain pill prescription, but I after being prescribed percocet in the past, I wanted that wheee feeling after he yanks my shoulder around under anesthesia next Monday to "unfreeze" my frozen shoulder. It will also be handy to have if Obama does not win the election :)

Glad the drugs are helping you with the pain.

You're in dreamland by now. I'll check for news tomorrow, provided you wake up before Noon. :evin grin:


Please share the drugs...I'll be your best friend :)

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