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Got all of the tumor and the lymph nodes are negative (that's the good one)!

I'll get the full report when I meet with her 4:20 on Monday and then I'll make the appointment with the oncologist but I'm feeling pretty darn good right now.

Of course, I've been a slug on the couch all day 45 minutes at the gym, at only 2mph on a treadmill totally wiped me out - better get used to that ... Hey on the other hand, how many woman do you know at the gym four days after a lumpectomy?

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Oh, Kim, what wonderful news!

I know you are celebrating, and we are too!


That's the news I've been waiting for!! YAY!! Take a deep breath and relax a bit now. PM follows by e-mail.


Absolutely fabulous, I was hoping to read this before leaving work this afternoon! Have a great weekend, and no, I know of nobody else on a treadmill 4 days post procedure; you are truly special. Now eat some ice cream.


Kim, that is such great news, yipee is right!!!!!

Thank God your lymph nodes are clear -- I don't know a great deal about cancer, but I believe that's a Very Big Thing.

As far as workouts, you'll soon be climbing steep streets in Tuscan hilltowns -- that's a waaaay better workout than any ol' treadmill.

Thanks for the update, I'm so relieved.

Oh Kim, I am thrilled for you!! I have been checking in waiting for this wonderful news!! What a great way to start your trip next week!!!


Kim, it is so good to read this--and lots of people don't even do 2 miles an hour on the tread. And....in a few days you will be in Italy. So...since it was negative, just put it out of your mind until you return.


Awesome news, Kim! Clear lymph nodes are always good! Enjoy your weekend. Go uncork some good reds! Heck, have some chilled whites too! :)


Kim -- get out the prosecco! SO glad to hear the good report! And what a gal - at the gym the same week as you had your lumpectomy???!!!!! You go, girl.

Now hand Chris your packing list and go put your feet up. You've earned a rest.



Absolutely the best news ever! Congratulations - how happy you must be! Phew, what a week.

Barb Cabot:

Been waiting for this good news! Am breathing easier along with all the other "Team Kim" members...Feel the LOVE!

TGIF and Happy Halloween!
Yippee---eee for YOU!


I just want you to know I celebrated for you tonight, at dinner, with a nice glass of wine.

Stay with the gym--it's great therapy.



Wonderful news Kim!! Hope this makes you more relaxed and ready for Italy!


As you aleady know how happy I am for you that your lymph nodes are clear!!! I'm glad you joined me at the gym today. I look forward to seeing you there many more times to come.

Been checking your blog hourly for updates! Your site meter numbers must be off the charts! lol

SO happy to hear this good news! Now
enjoy your pre-Italy days, and celebrate!


Fantastic! I've been watching for the news and I'm so happy to see it's good.

I am SO very happy to hear this news! I'm feeling very optimistic about more good news to come. I would not have been at the gym, so I admire you for that. :)

Laura (Chachalaca @ Slowtrav):

Oh, blessings of blessings! Wonderful! And 4 days later at the gym? What are you, SuperWoman???

fantastic news. Could not be happier. Enough already. Go have a blast in Italy.

Terry (teaberry):

Kim, you are woman. I hear you roar! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you.


Fabulous news Kim! What a relief. As Diana says, now go have the most wonderful time in Italy.

I'm doing the happy dance for you, Miss Kim!
Could you feel the love and energy flowing your way this week and last? Oceans of it, and all for you, dear heart...now get packing, get going and get drinkin' prosecco for me, will ya?
I love that stuff. ;-)


Best news I have heard today! Have a wonderful trip, Kim. You deserve it!

Mindy :

Just catching up on this news of your lumpectomy. I am so happy that all is clear. I spent all day doing mammo's, next time come up to Boston and I'll take extra special care of you!!

Smart of you to have gotten a lumpectomy and not just let "it" hang out hoping it would just go away. Not everyone is as smart as you, good for you to get it done!

Now you really will have a fabulous time in Italy.

Hugs (and squishes)

Great news - now go and enjoy that trip to Italy.

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