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Avastin Clinical Trial

Lots of stuff to digest after meeting with Dr. F, the oncologist, but one of the things I need to decide pretty quickly is whether or not I want to participate in this clinical trial. He was having the paperwork faxed to his office and I'll pick it up tomorrow and will let him know by Wednesday. So I need to do some research.

Anyone know anything?

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Hi Kim,

I send you my best wishes. Welcome back too.

Re. clinical trial ... Prior to my chemo treatments, my oncologist asked me if I wanted to be part of a clinical trial as well. I asked a lot of oncology nurses (friends of friends who gave me names) as well as people who I knew had colon cancer. Found one who participated in a clinical trial and told me what kind of treatment he received. Since he has been clear for the past five years,I felt he was a good resource. My oncologist told me what he was going to use if I did not participate in the trial. It turned out to be the same treatment my friend participated in (five years prior). Since he is fine now, I felt comfortable telling my oncologist "No" to the participation and went for the "cocktail" that my friend received. I am forever thankful to him...

Well, my story won't be any use to your making a decision, but I am sure your research will help you make an educated decision. Take care.

I hope you get some answers. It must be difficult trying to make decisions when there are so many unknowns.

Wendy Ashworth:

Hi Kim,

I am sure you have the equal of Breast Cancer Care in the U S but I am posting this link about Avastin.
It probably won't work but do have a look at their site.
This charity helped through my chemotherapy by suggesting I eat chicken soup as one of the drugs I was taking to help mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy disagreed with me ! I couldn't eat anything until that was out of my system but they have helped me so many other times too.
I hope you will find the site helpful whilst deciding what you want to do with regard to your treatments. I remember having to make a decision about my treatments and I nearly didn't have any chemotherapy at all. 5 years on I am very glad I did and so with the benefit of hindsight I would accept almost anything that was offered to me!

We met up with "Luigi" in Montalcino far too many years ago to remember but just after the first book was successful as Isabella was on a tour so we enjoyed a delightful lunch in the Grappolo Blu.
Happy memories.

Kim-What is the clinical trial based around? When I looked up some info on Avastin, I see it is already being used for cancer-lots of different types of cancer including breast. So what is different about it's use that would make this a clinical trial? It does look like there may be some controversy as to how effective this drug may be, but it also looks like a lot of patients and doctors have been very happy with the results they've seen. Have other clinical trials been done for the same indications that will be used for this one? (What are the parameters for participating, and then try to find out if other clinical trials have been done with the same inclusion criteria and if that trial is completed, are the results published yet where you could read about the results.)

Good luck in your decisions-tough choices, but I'm sure you'll come to terms with whatever will be the best choice.



I sent you info via a PM.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Everyone, thanks for all the info. It helps having eveyone send me stuff b/c I'm a bit lazy and get overwhelmed doing all that research (not to mention confused).

I was going to go to the gym this morning but I think I'm going to sit with a hot cup of coffee and read through everything and write all my questions so I'm ready to talk to the doc about it.

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