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Random Happenings from the Cancer Corner

First, thanks all for the thoughts and insight on the Avastin trial. I picked up some information from the doc's office yesterday that I need to get through that today in addition to all the links and articles people have sent. I do appreciate it. I'm going to sit down this morning, digest it all, and write all my questions down.

The doc called last night, must have been between 8:30 and 9:00 but I had taken two simply sleep to kick the jet lag to the curb, and was out. Sammi still woke me though - hope I didn't sound like a total idiot but I told him I was sleeping and asked that he call back today which he said he will. He just wanted to make sure I got the info.

I chopped my hair off yesterday. I had been letting it grow out since last June and, for me, it got pretty long, but now it's back to normal - very short. Figure it will be easier that way. I may actually buzz it though next month. How about a #1?

I'm having a Muga (don't have the form in front of me for correct spelling), test on my heart tomorrow. They want a clear image, and to make sure everything is good, in case I decide to do the trial. One of the rare side effects is heart trouble.

On Friday, I go back into the hospital for an outpatient procedure to put a port in my chest (lower neck area - not sure exactly where). It goes under the skin and gives them easy access for blood tests and the chemo so I don't have to get pricked every other week. This process grosses me out more than the lumpectomy. It reminds me of those "ports" on people in the Matrix, just a bit freaky.

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Brenda :

What a lot of prep work you have to do! This is so interesting, and I appreciate that you are finding the time to share this with us.

A port? That would also gross me out, totally. But, I hate needles with a purple passion, soooo...which is more gross, ports or pricks? :-) I'd take a port, I think.
Fingers crossed for ya,
Huge hugs,

I'm sorry to hear that you have to go through so much just to prep for the chemo.

I keep forgetting to let you know that in case you haven't heard, Stephen Colbert is going to have a Holiday Special on Sunday night with a few repeats after that. It is supposed to be really funny. I have to thank you for introducing me to him. I am hooked now. If you get the chance to watch this special, I hope it brings you some needed laughter.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Yeah Brenda, port or pricks, I have bad veins, plus I'm down an arm (because of the lymph node removal), so the port makes the most sense. Just call me Neo ;).

Girasoli - thanks for the heads up! I'll have to set the Tivo just in case.


Kim, the port thing grossed Terry out too. He wore a tee-shirt all the time so that nobody would see it.... in fact all you will see is a little bump under your collar bone, and the benefits far outweigh the gross out factor!

Good luck on Friday!

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