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Muga Test

So you know what's missing from all this cancer talk? Pictures! I think I need to start taking them to go along with what's happening. Anyway, today I had a Muga test, which basically is images of my heart. They weren't looking for anything wrong, just a baseline for comparison to make sure it doesn't get damaged by the poisons medications they're going to start injecting into me in a couple of weeks.

As the tech said, this is probably the easiest procedure I'll endure during the next few months. It started with a needle, as they injected something into me (I forget what). Then I had to wait 20 minutes, while whatever they injected into me bonded with my red blood cells (a little tango perhaps). Then another injection, this time with radioactive stuff (and no, unfortunately, I do not glow in the dark). They attached three sets of diodes and wires. Then two sets of pictures of my heart, the first took four minutes to capture, the second eight minutes. And then I was done. Less than an hour from start to finish.

Oh, and because my veins suck, and I'm down to one arm, you do get a picture. Here's my hand (they had to go in through the back of my hand), with it's pretty pink bandage. I'll take it off a little later but right now, I'm enjoying the bright color.


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Barb Cabot:

Kim thank you for taking the time to share this journey, photos, descriptions, your innermost thoughts with all of us. You know we are walking with you on this road. Take care. You inspire me with your attitude...onwards and upwards and with little bits of humour. It's the best way.


What a lovely pink it is!


You are going to be so experienced in every type of hospital procedure!

I was born with a heart condition, so every time I have any problem or procedure (short of having my upper lip waxed) someone wants to do heart tests. At least they don't usually hurt!

I love the pink bandage.

I just know you are going to take to this chemo business like a duck to water.
I'll be checking in to see how you're feeling.

Very cool pink bandage. We all know already that you have a fantastic heart. Now the doctors know this also.

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