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Okay - as Deborah suggested (and don't worry both my friend Al and I both thought of this too), we brought cameras with us wig shopping.

First thing I'll note, it's much easier going wig shopping with a friend, especially one that makes you laugh.

Second, does anyone else but me get freaked out by all those bald heads with hair perched atop?


They were everywhere, just staring at us.


First, she sat me in a salon chair (you know the type) and then she put this hairnet thing on my head (the wigs apparently would slide around my head). Jealous yet?


Then she put on this jet black wig on (you have to use your imagination with the color - just concentrate on the style), which I actually liked - it was pretty short.


Here's a good shot - I think it looked pretty good (forget the color).


Then we had to talk color. I wanted something that had a bit of salt and pepper but most of the samples were more salt than pepper.


While doing that, Al noticed a wig that sort of had a "choppy" look to it, which she liked but before we got that one, Diana (the wig specialist) grabbed another. What do you think?

I'm Feeling a Little Like Tina Turner

So we went back to the one Al saw, which they happened to have in the color we liked (I think it was chocolate brown).


One more shot (oh, and I'm not wearing the hairnet here b/c we had taken it off to compare hair colors, so you see some of my hair peaking through).


In the end, we went with that one (right above). It's a bit longer than the first, felt a bit more comfortable, they had it in stock and I'll be able to "do more" with it when it comes time for the bat mitzvah. It's also synthetic, not real hair but looks real good. I'm happy with it.

But here's the best picture of the wig.


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Thanks for the chuckle. It's been so long since I've seen Chris with hair. I think maybe he will need to wear when you are finsihed with it.

OMG that picture is hilarious!! You definitely need to get a second wig for Chris!!

(It looked good on you too, by the way! Very nice color and I like the soft cut. Sort of hoped you'd go for something in bright purple, though.)


It's you ... but not Chris!

But no hoochie-mama blonde? Or neon pink?


It's very you, and so cute! And believe me, the synthetic wigs look very natural.

Bwahaha Chris. Spittake.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well, not the place for the purple, hoochie mamma or platinum blonde wigs - but I'll keep looking ;D

Nice wig. You did well. But I must say - keep Chris away from the wig. :)

I hadn't scrolled down enough to see the photo when you said: "But here's the best picture."
Then I scrolled down, and in your own words, I "spewed". Limoncello, all over my keyboard!
Have you every tried to get something sticky like Limoncello off your keyboard?

Perfect choice, Kim! For both of you. ;D

Let me know if you want me to send you my hot pink wig. It's fun to wear!


I love the wig on you! And save that photo of Chris - it may be a good blackmail photo someday!

p.s. Regarding blank heads with hair on top -- no, you're not alone in being freaked out by them! I can't stand Amish dolls - no faces. CREEPY.


Fabulous wig (especially when you wear it!)

But I also liked the Tina Turner look - maybe as a backup?

I like the wig you chose. I first read this post barely awake. It took me a minute to focus and realize that was Chris under that hair. I have to laugh about the Limoncello all over Deborah's computer!


OK, well, you look pretty damn good, Chris not so much (sorry). Keep him away from the pretties. Are you sure you don't make to use this time to try life as a blonde, or a redhead? Love the pics.


What - no mullets available?

Another goofy movie to watch is "Joe Dirt" - no redeeming value, no message but funny and mullets abound.

Very cute...YOU, not Chris. He needs to stick to the pumpkin!

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