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Marijuana Pill

Okay - so sorry I haven't posted since the big Chemo Sucks plea for sympathy. Things actually did get better, after hurling Friday night, I felt about 40% on Saturday and yesterday, I did manage to get out in the morning for a bit to a local craft fair, feeling about 60% (today, I'm about 75% and I can live with that).

I'm eating and drinking, though certain smells manage to set me off (say good-bye to fried foods), and while I'm still wonky and have very mild queasiness, everything seems to be staying down.

So I went today for my check-up with Dr. F (I see him every three weeks, in addition to my chemo, in addition to my blood tests). We talked about the nausea and he talked about the different course of treatment for next week to help with the queasies and after he listed off a bunch of possibilities, he says, "and there's always the marijuana pill," only, he's from South America (can't remember if it's Brazil or Argentina) but anyway, he pronounced it with the "J" sounding as in "John." I'm sorry, I made him repeat it and then couldn't help but laugh - I'm calling it that from now on. I don't think he appreciates my humor though when I say things like, "Well can we skip the rest and go right to that?" But he did chuckle when I told him my Mom already offered me her stash and Becky said she could pick up some for me at school (like it's something she can get in the school store).

Anyway, for those of you checking in, I'm hanging in there, trying to get as much done now while I feel up to it and dreading next Tuesday a bit (but knowing it will last less than three days now, I think I can handle it).

Thanks for checking in.

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Dial-a-Doper...want the local phone number???

Terry (teaberry):

Thanks for the update, and more importantly, so glad that you're feeling a little better. I hope they try a different anti-nausea approach next Tuesday. Good luck.


Hey, Kim, I think you should go for the Marijuana pill, the "stash" or the school store purchase.

Anything that helps with the nausea is worth trying.

Kim, the shelf with books on cultivation of "John" is the most popular in our gardening section at the store.
Want me to send you a few? :grin:


Kim, take all the help they can give you... but then yes, you are right - it just lasts three days. Not much help when you are feeling like hell. Just remember that however awful it is, there is an end. One down now....



I am so happy to read that you are feeling better. I was thinking about you over the weekend, checking to see whether you wrote anything, and when I saw that you did not, was worried that you were probably not feeling well.

Your blog entries, even at these times, always manage to put a smile on my face (except of course when you are aching and hurling). Your humor is catching!!

Thanks for letting us in.

All the best!!


Kim, thinking of you always. Admiring your sense of humor through it all. I still remember real well the three day effects of chemo. My doctor did not even offer me any pill of that sort... hmmm. :)


I think he sounded funnier than you can actually put to words. And remember next week you'll be getting extra anti-nausea meds in your drip, so hopefully it will be easier for you.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I know Lisa - we should have recorded him, it just sounded so fabulous!

"Becky said she could pick up some for me at school (like it's something she can get in the school store)." Priceless! Thanks for making us laugh even though you are not feeling great! The nausea part just sounds so awful - not nice that you have to feel so bad from something that is supposed to heal you.


Kim, I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better and that next week, they'll be trying some anti-nausea meds in your drip.

Still, I wouldn't rule out a little medicinal marijuana (however it's pronounced!) It's legal in Canada, of course, and the federal government sells maybe $1 million a year worth of the pot produced in a Manitoba mine. Seriously. In fact, major court challenges of the government's monopoly on medical MJ have recently been launched.

Wouldn't it be good to get it in dried plant form and cook it in brownies? Talk about Happy Holidays!

I would also be asking for the mary jane as my top option. Three days is a long time! Brownies...YUM :P

I hope the extra meds help this time.


That would be - marriage-you-wanna? Drugs and matrimony - go figure! Kim, you crack me up!


Become a pothead!
We all love you even if you're stoned all he time.


I think this is like childbirth - no need to be a hero, take all the drugs they'll give you.

Glad you're feeling a little better.

gloria espinoza:

I've been collecting the "green stuff" when I do my son's laundry when he comes home from college ("I'm just holding it for someone, mom...") So, let me know if you don't want to take a pill. I think I remember how to roll one from years past, though these may contain some dryer lint.
Keep your sense of humor, Kim. Stay strong.

barb cabot:

Kim, I'm just catching up on your blog. You always are on my mind, in my thoughts but I've been a preoccupied with my dad. Anyway I'm giving you a little hello and sending a BIG hug. We're all out here rooting for you...Take care. I'm glad we have this way of following how you are feeling. Hang in there.


Back in my younger years, I made "special brownies" - they were great! They had a much longer effect than smoking the stuff.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

You all crack me up!

So I'm at a swim meet yesterday, and one of my former teachers (yes, my kids go to the same schools I did), is sitting next to me (her youngest is on the team), and I'm telling her this story. And her first comment, "Do you have to take it in a pill? Can't you just bake it in some brownies?"

This from a former high school teacher of mine - I just lost it. :D

Oh totally go for the brownies! It will be tasty and look innocent!

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