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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Chemo only took two hours today from the time they hooked me up until the time I left (2.75 by the time I got my next set of appointments set up and got home). Rain's a good chemo buddy (she brought bagels and muffins and Juno to watch). Ended up sitting next to the mom of one of Becky's friends too, so we gabbed an awful lot. I should have taken a picture of the food spread they had set up in there. Don't know if that's a daily occurence or if it was a special occassion. Hope it was the latter b/c otherwise I'd expect all those nurses to weigh a ton (but they don't).

Here's a shot of the big, bad, twins Clyde and Dave. Not so good because they're in the yellow bag (every patient gets their own little yellow goodie bag). If you can make him out, Dave is the two red syringes that get injected into my IV line. Clyde is the clear pouch they hook up to me. Clyde makes it feel like I have soda bubbles in my nose.

Adriamycin (aka, Doxorubicin) and Cytoxan (aka Cyclophosphamide)

The other drugs I got today (in addition to the normal saline), were Emend, and Aloxi, for the nausea. Though the Marriage-you-wanna (aka Marijuana) pill came highly recommended by fellow patients.

Okay - one more shot.

Me and My IV (sounds like a song)

I had taken my Bah Humbug hat off to watch a movie (love the hat hair).

Feeling a bit wonky - and though I've had almost 96oz of water so far today, dry mouth. Maybe slightly queasy (this could be mind tricks though in expectation) - but I'm keeping an eye on it. The moment it gets worse, you can bet I'll be popping those pills!

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I'm glad you are home safe and sound. I love the pictures. I hope you stay nausea free!!

Bleh, nausea really is the worst. Hope it's not too bad this time round.

So, this is every two weeks? How many rounds will you have to do? (sorry if you mentioned this info elsewhere, but I couldn't find it)

Keep hydrated!

From Kim: Off to bed in a bit, every other week for 16 weeks. Four cycles with Clyde and Dave and four with Taxol. Then 6 weeks of radiation.

Yay! One more treatment behind you. Go, Kim.


Excuse me, but does your T-shirt say "Save the tatas?" If not, I apologize. If so, that's hilarious.

Thanks for the update and I hope that you're feeling okay, Kim. You look great, IV and all!

From Kim: Yes, Sanbdra - isn't it fabulous? Palma sent it to me.


The shirt says a lot about your attitude. I love them both - your shirt and attitude! (I had to come back and edit this as "I love them both" could've been misconstrued ;O)! )

You are headed in the right direction! Now, to avoid the nausea...

I love the T-shirt. That is very cool. Good going Palma.

As Queen says.. Another one bites the dust.

OK, so I'm doing the caculations with my calendar. If I've caculated correctly, you have a 'bye' week over the weekend of SlowBowl. RIGHT?

Save the tatas..:-)
Gotta love that shirt!
2 chemos down, only a few more to go.
Thanks for the photos and for your amazing sense of ha-ha, in the midst of this, Miss Kim...
Huge hugs,

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Deborah, don't think that wasn't the first thing I figured out when I got my start date. It's actually the first middle weekend, which isn't the good one - the second weekend is. Plus, the real problem is, while I can go out and about during chemo, I should probably avoid areas, like an airplane, where I can easily catch a cold. So next year for me!

I hope you are not too nauseous this time. If you are, I say go for the good drugs next time.

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