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A Boca Christmas

From my brother in Florida:

'Twas the night before Christmas and down here in Boca,
I was sitting at Starbucks, drinking my mocha.

I know we're all Jewish, but was wondering still,
if Santa would come here and give us a thrill.

On my way home, no Christmas lights did I see,
on the houses, the windows, not even the trees.

What a strange feeling. Not a decoration in sight.
Was it really December or a warm summer's night?

I drove past the deli's, there were lines out the door.
People were waiting for kishka and more.

The restaurants were busy, Christmas dinners not planned.
Never, not here we're in Boca Land.

At home all was quiet. I left out Kosher wine,
In case Santa came to Boca for the very first time.

Snoozing came easy to me Christmas Eve.
I wasn't waiting for presents to be left under a tree.

I could hope all I want. I could fuss and then see,
if Santa would make time for little old me.

Then all of a sudden he pulled up in his Jag,
with a sack full of presents each sporting a tag.

Oh Bloomies, oh Saks, a computer and more.
He knows where to shop, he frequents my stores!

He looked for the lox, the bagels and jelly.
He came to Boca first to fill up his belly!

"I have a long night ahead, I want you to know .
From Boca I leave for New York and the snow."

He stayed for a while, he chatted and ate.
Then he left in a flash before it got late.

What a great night I thought with a sigh.
That jolly old Santa is a really nice guy.

As I cleared off the table I heard with delight
"Shalom to y'all, and OY, what a night!!

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Love the last line! I think I'll use that during the sign of the peace at midnight mass.


Loved it! Tell your brother he should quit his day job - what a great poem.

Laura (Chachalaca @ Slowtrav):


LOL funny! Tell your bro, "Shalom, yo." :D

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hey, remember, he didn't write it (at least I doubt it), just sent it to me. Now my Dad, he could have written something like this.

VERY cute! I will steal it and share!

Very clever whoever wrote it.

neil Noble:

i've two thoughts i think i'm thinking. the first is about the poem BOCA CHRISTMAS; who wrote it? i only just recently saw it and immediately set it to music. i want to copyright it as a song but i wish to give credit to the author. second is about cancer. my wife has had breast cancer twice 10 years apart. this second go round included 4 operations within 10 months. she's still with me and all is good. what i wish to share with you is a man by the name of JOHN KANZIUS. he has discovered a method of killing the cancer cells without any negative sideeffects. read it for yourself. this is not voodoo nor crap. all tests on animals have been 100% successful. human testing is to begin soon.

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