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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

You know the thing with this cancer, on the good days, you can almost pretend it's not really happening. You know, those days, a week out of chemo, when you're not overly tired (at least no more so than anyone else during this time of the year), when you can stomach everything (even your morning coffee), and when you still look ... normal. Once you lose your hair though, that goes out the window.

No matter how much you know it's coming, it's still devestating. It's still defeating. It's still frightening.

Now the dog isn't the only one shedding.

If anyone complains about hairs in their Christmas Eve dinner, I may have to kill them.

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**gentle hugs**

More gentle hugs ...

The different chemo cocktails all have varying side effects. I didn't lose my hair last summer but I don't know what will happen when I start chemo again in January for a much longer period of time (5-6 months).

Devastating and frightening perhaps ... defeating, no way. I saw how adorable you looked in those hats.

But just don't do anything like this...



Kim, comfort yourself knowing that it means the chemo is doing what it's supposed to do.

And sending a virtual warm fuzzy your way.


Kim, as Amy has said so well, gentle hugs.

Arggghhhh! I thought you just might skip this part of chemo, Kim. More gentle hugs...
You are so right, before losing hair it often feels like this cancer thing just might not be real, or maybe it's not happening. Hair loss makes it real, damn it.
I wonder what your new hair will be like. My girlfriend had stick-straight hair before chemo, and her new hair is gloriously curly and a lighter shade of her pre-chemo red-brown. She's lovin' it, with the exception of the grey hair that has returned, as well. I think she thought she'd get back only hair fully pigmented!
More hugs,

Sucky milestones suck, don't they?
Sending good thoughts your way.


Another gentle hug - and a motherly suggestion - no killing on Christmas Eve! It is not appropriate behavior -- just pull THEIR hair out instead.

Seriously - as Terry said, try to look at the hair loss as proof the damned drugs are doing their job. And know you have an army of cheerleaders at your back.


More hugs your way...stay strong.


OK, I'm gonna be different (got to!!) and send you great big bear hugs!!!! I figure as long as they are coming through the web, they can't hurt you, right? Seriously thinking about you a lot and sending good healing vibes!!

"Merry Chanuka"!! LOL.


You have had such a great mindset along, don't let this get you down. It's only hair.....yeah right!

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