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The Days Are Getting Longer

Do you realize that? Yesterday was the first day of winter, which means today, we'll have more sunlight than yesterday. Chris laughs at me when I note things like that (it actually frustrates him when we're sitting on the beach in the summer and I tell him I smell autumn in the air, but many times I do). But now, while in this teen degree weather, I do not smell spring coming, I do take comfort knowing that today will be longer than yesterday and tomorrow longer than today.

And with that, I shaved my head yesterday. Not a number 1 but a number 6 and I didn't do it myself, my friend Alison came over and did it (the strength and support of people continues to amaze me). It's actually more comfortable because one of the things I didn't realize, when you lose your hair, it actually hurts. Every time I would touch my hair, it felt like someone was yanking at the roots. Every time I rolled over in bed, the pain woke me. Last night I slept soundly and deeply because I was just more comfortable.

It's such a hard decision for women but for me, who already had short hair, and never cared for my hair (more of a nuisance than anything), it felt right and I feel better about this decision with each passing moment. I am wearing my wig this morning though, only because I need to get used to it, and in the hopes of freaking Sammi out a little less (Becky was cool with my decision and was actually the photographer for it but it freaked Sam).

So without further ado - the buzzing of Kim.

We Started With a Number 8

Then We Moved on to the Number 6

And Ended with a Number 6

Oh, and don't worry about those bangs, Al trimmed them with scissors.

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You are so brave!!! I wish I was there to help you.
Now I know why we are such good friends, I made the same comment to Rich about yesterday being the first day of winter. And since your sense of smell is really good now, I think we will be having a horrible winter, if you can't smell spring coming...ugh!!!!!!!!!


You know, you look good in ultra short hair!

I love how you're taking control over the situation. Kim 10; cancer 0. Score!


My friend Sara had a number 2 done last year; said it went well with her tattoos. And she is quite happy with the regrowth; says her hair is much thicker than before. When she came for a visit while on chemo last year she was sporting the pirate bandana look ... this year it was all short & tufty.


Sara & Steve came to visit me just before I was about to go under the knife for the second time last September and it meant the world to me. And so I'm very happy to see you with friends helping you out and being there for you.

Every day's a new adventure, isn't it?


Some people can wear short, short hair and look good, and you are one of them!

I, on the other hand, look much better with longer hair.

Hang in there, Kim!

Yay! That's a good decision...cut it short, get that wig on and keep your head warm. We all think you are beautiful, either way.
Many hugs,gentle or otherwise...

Lookin' good. And it great that you can now sleep. That will help keep your strength up.

Laura (Chachalaca @ Slowtrav):

Beautiful! Seriously I love it. And if you are sleeping better an added bonus. Kudos for beating the hell out of cancer and doing what you want with your hair long before it even had a chance to try!


Kim, that's a fabulous, funky look -- kinda k.d.lang! And if it feels good and lets you sleep, all the better!

Have you seen this blog?

With something as beautiful as that on your head, who needs a wig?


Kim, you look beautiful with the new short hair! Another friend of mine who went through this named her wigs "Julie" and "Susan". She wore Julie on cold days to keep her head warm. Susan was a little lighter so came out on warmer days! Her own hair has now grown back though, and as often seems the case, is quite a different texture than before.

I don't know what the numbers mean - but you look darn good! I always liked how you looked with short hair... Go, Kim!

I, too, track the shortest day of the year and look forward to longer days. The shadows are getting shorter in the back yard. Makes the cats (and the roses) happy. :)

You go girl! I'm for anything that gets me ready faster, and is less hassle. You look great with less up there! Short short hair rocks!


Kim - you are stylin'. And you are, as others have said, one of the lucky ones who looks great with short hair.

Keep on keepin' on -- glad you are more comfortable with it shorn!


You are very brave documenting all of this for the world to see. If given the choice between hair and sleep, I would choose sleep also.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Thanks everyone.

Colleen - the numbers are the different levels on the razor, the lower the number, the shorter the hair.

I'm stil sheadding though, will probably be bald by next week. I may have to check out Deborah's henna tattoos - they look pretty cool.

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