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For Kelly

Because I am a baaaad mother, I don't have any recent photos anywhere of my kids for people to see (heck, I'm so bad I can't even remember the last time I took photos of my kids). So for Kel, here are pictures of the girls from September of last year. The only difference, Sammi's about 3 inches taller now (she's 5'5"). They were modeling the dressesthey wore to my brother's wedding last year.

Charles's Kid

My Other Daughter ;D

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CPav [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Wow. You better watch out, or Becky will really live up to the nickname we gave her when she was really little.


Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Okay, total chemo brain here - what did we call her when she was a babe? Ooh...I remember LOL. Better not tell her!


OMG Kim, they are so beautiful! Yes, Becky could still be Charles', but Chris can't deny Sammi.

Chip looked at her picture and said "that's backseat Becki?" rofl

I'm thinking of you. My surgery was successful in clearing away any cancer.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Thanks Kel. They're good kids too. So where do I go to see pics of yours?

Beautiful girls! I know you're proud of what sweet young women they're growing up to be ... once you overlook the teenage hormone overload days. :D


Ok Kim....are there some stories I need to hear?


They are beautiful!

Beautiful girls. Who is Charles?? :)

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Charles is an old friend, and Lisa, well, there's definitely a story though some think it's more interesting than others. :D

Barb Cabot:

Lovely, just lovely young women. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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