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Not completely done with me yet, but so far, the aftermath of Chemo. The other aftermath, a good, long life (feel free to come back and read about that one as time goes on).

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Blessings to you and what a beautiful smile.

I am impressed with your great attitude.

You'll love Hawaii!


A bitch to go through, I'm sure, but yes...all for the best. Sending good thoughts your way!

Lord Kim, I'm glad you are smiling through this. And yes, here's to the positive healing aftermath of your treatment!


Now we can see your beautiful eyes!
You are absolutely one of the bravest people I know.

God is good! Though it's a tough time for you, I know your strong, it just shows in your smile...
God bless you always. you'll be part in my prayer starting today...
Take care always!

Kim, you never cease to amaze me. You have a beautiful smile and a great attitude through this tough times. Sending good thoughts.

Excellent choice, Kim! And looking forward to reading all about Aftermath - The Sequel.

Your attitude is as powerful as the chemo.
Awesome! Hair is over-rated!

I'd like a photo of the aftermath of those shriveled up cancer cells.

Hang in there this week~ you are in our thoughts.
Half way Home!

You sure are positive minded to stay strong after all the chemo you had gone through. Keep it up! I hope everything would be great for you in the future. :)


Kim, you are the bravest person I know! I thought of you yesterday while eating that shave ice...thinking about how much you will enjoy eating one of them when you get here.

Wow! You are amazingly strong. Keep up the positive thoughts through this minor aftermath and you will make it. Positive thoughts for you next week.

Kim-What a great smile! You just amaze me with your strength.

chiaro di luna:

You are the bravest person I know...and a wonderful role model for your daughters.
Wishing you the best.
Take care,

Kim, look at that pretty head you had under all that hair! You're my hero.


Kim, like the others have said, you have more guts than anyone I know!

I'll be thinking of you this week. Halfway is great!


Kim, your strength shows through and comes across that beautiful smile of yours.

Chemo sucks, big time, I know but it kills those cancer cells and pretty soon you will be basking in the Hawaii sun and enjoying life some more.

You are my hero!(heroine?) :)

Great smile and you still look beautiful in the aftermath of chemo. Hope things get better from here!

Forgot to say ... guess you're not going to have any problems with next week's theme, eh?

Great smile, great attitude!! You have such strength!

HA - I wondered if you'd do something like that. Attitude is everything with this bitch . . . you've got it in spades.


In addition to courtseying to Cool Nerd Queen Kim, I stand in awe of Uber Cool and Gutsy Chemo Queen Kim!! You rock, girl!!!


You look like a little downy headed duckling with gorgeous eyes and a great grin - too cute. Hair will grow back and maybe in a whole new way.


Rock on, Kim!

Funky style, Kim...a little gel would get it spikey and you're good to go! So, half-way to the finish line, huh? Boy, I tell ya...you got some gumption, girl. How to spell strong? K-i-m!


You have got guts, girl. And a fabulous, great big attitude!

(And you still have time to fix my blog -- amazing!)


Hair is totally overrated, I totally agree, and what a beautiful smile you have my friend. Thinking of you, and sending a virtual hug, and maybe a virtual glass of wine today.


You still have more hair than Chris!

Barb Cabot:

Kim, I believe the eyes are the true windows to our soul. You have such beautiful vibrant smiling eyes. I think of you daily. You are an inspiration to us all. We are with you.

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