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I've mentioned this before but my grandma Ann (my Dad's mom) had breast cancer and in 1959 they gave her 6 months to live. In the 70s (yes long after the 6 months), she lost a kidney to cancer. And years later another tumor formed where the kidney was, and if I remember the time line correctly, it metastasized, eventually spreading to her brain. She died May 11, 1982.

She loved the song I Will Survive, sung by Gloria Gaynor, released in 1978. I think in part because she was such a survivor and perhaps, in part, because of the tumultuous relationship I've gathered she had with my grandpa.

After she passed, whenever we were at a family event, a b'nai mitzvah or marriage, and a band or DJ would play that song, to me, it was like she was there, a message from her.

Yesterday, as I was enduring my chemo coma, Becky came to my room to sit on the floor and spend some time with me. Becky has a friend, JT, and JT's mom has/had breast cancer. I sat next to her during one of our mutual chemo treatments. She's very nice. There's a Karaoke night at the high school but it's only open to students and staff, no parents. JT's mom told JT to tell Becky to tell me (follow that), that it's too bad it's not open to parents because we could do I Will Survive and whip our wigs off at the end.

That made me smile, then it made me cry, happy tears, because I do believe grandma sent me a message yesterday, through JTs mom, that I will survive.

Call me crazy.

But I do believe.

Gloria Gaynor Lyrics
I Will Survive Lyrics

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I stumbled upon your website (i was looking for a weight watchers curry receipe!) and found your lovely site. I read with tears in my eyes the lovely story of your grandma ann, and then your own battle with chemo and cancer. I don't know you, but I hope so much you are well soon,
my love to you and your family
Michelle UK

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Thanks Michelle. Did you find any curry recipes?

That is a wonderful message! I love that song, too, it is so much fun. And I can totally see why your grandma loved it.

I definitely believe in messages from our loved ones so I don't call you crazy at all. I think it's very cool (and that's such a great song!).

You're gonna survive and THRIVE. Your grandma Ann knows what she's talking about. :)

You are naking me cry again...happy tears. How wonderful to have your grandmother there watching out for you. And I followed that all just fine.


You will survive!!! You are a fighter, and we all know it.

Laura aka chachalaca@slowtrav:

You must believe that, you absolutely must. I believe in messages - perfect timing, I think.


Kim, I have no doubt. You will not only survive, but you will flourish! (And not just flourish a wig either.)

You'll be tormenting your grandchildren with karaoke versions of I Will Survive at family events.


That stuff is so real! I'm a believer too.

I've always loved that song too.

Also makes for a great motto.

Good luck with round 3. *hug*


Crazy? Absoutely not, I totally believe there are messages of hope everywhere (especially from deceased friends and realtives), you just have to be open to receiving them and you surely are!

You are amazing and brave and a total survivor. I LOVE your smile in the aftermath picture. You are an inspiration to all of us. Though I wish with all my heart you didn't have to be an inspiration and endure the sucky chemo.

Hope you're feeling better today.


Yes, your Grandma Ann was there for you to give you support.

And you are right - you WILL survive, just like the song says!

Hoo-hoo! Kim has a theme song!
Good on ya, girlfriend!
Actually, that's a perfect piece of music for you, darlin'...

You go girl!
I want a video of that performace!
I have a similar story about a purple butterfly... I saw one on Thanksgiving. go figure.

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