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Coming Back

Just a quick note to say I'm finally starting to feel a bit more "normal" as much as that word can be used here. I took the Atavin during this past round which made it easier for me to tolerate fluids but I'm feeling a bit weepier right now, not sure if it's related but I'm telling myself it is, which makes it bearable.

More later but after more coffee and hopefully a bagel with chive cheese and maybe some tomato!

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Thanks for checking in, Kim. You'll be feeling great again, just in time to really enjoy the inauguration coverage.

Hey girl!
Welcome back. I've been weepy the past few days, too, but have no excuse. :D

Glad to see you back.



Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better,Kim!

Glad you are feeling better and getting back to normal. We've missed you.


Good to hear from you, Kim.



Glad to hear that the fog is clearing for you.

Halfway thru the chemo now? That's great! I know it seems like an eternity to you, but it will be over soon. Just remember that.

Ativan does the trick! I use it judiciously, when needed and it helps me tons.
Weepy? Well, let it out then, wringing out the heart helps sometimes.
Love ya,


Kim, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. As for feeling weepy, I would think that's completely normal after all you've been through!

I suspect we'll all be feeling somewhat weepy, watching the inauguration tomorrow.


Hi Kim,

Feel better. We are all sending you love and best wishes.

Happy Inauguration Day! Glad to hear that you are feeling more normal. I hope that watching Obama today makes you feel even better!


Kim, welcome back, and yes, Ativan is a downer. It combats anxiety and can combat nausea, but also makes you sleepy, forgetful, and generally tones everything down quite a few notches. Very good for high anxiety but not for normalcy.

Also takes a day or two to get it out of your system. So, use it when you need it - it's necessary. But know that what you're going through is contributed to greatly by the drug.

Every day takes you closer to finishing.

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