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Theme: Chipped

All the kids with Chip of Chip and Dale fame

Okay - I messed up. I though the theme was chip, not chipped but heck, I'm still going with this.

Shot taken many years ago on a family trip to Disney World. With their backs facing us, all the kids (from left to right, Sammi, Becky, Kevin and Jake), getting Chip's autograph. Oh that's my brother Andy next to Jake and my Dad, looking on in the background.

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I'm glad you went with it. Makes for a fresh take on the theme. :)

Oh my gosh! That's hilarious!!! Great take and very creative for this week! I guess those kids have been "chipped" eh?

Thanks for visiting my Photo Hunters at New York Traveler.net. Happy weekend!

I love it. He is such a character and perfect for the theme.

I think it is a very creative take on the theme! Cool photo and fun memory for your family.

Chip and Dale! I'd forgotten all about them. Cute shot and a great take on this theme.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

You could have used him for next week too!

Getting Chipped, eh? Works for me. :)

Chip is a perfect solution for this week's theme!

Love it! It's perfect for the theme.


Very cute take on Chip!(And now I know which one was which -- Dale musta had the cowlick!)

Love it Kim! I remember as a child I had a Chip and Dale Golden book and the drawings were very special to me. I love your take on this theme.


Was it really Chipped? Hmmm, I went with Chip too.. and that was a struggle trying to find a photo for... LOL... late again but it;s there.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ah, see the secret to identifying Chip is to know the secret of his name. Do you know why they call him Chip? Because his nose looks like a chocolate chip! I have a picture of Kevin with both Chip and Dale, which I'll try to scan and post before chemo, so y'all can see the difference.

U participated in good spirit n tt's all that matters! Have a great wk ahead!

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