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Taxol - Update

This week I underwent round five of Chemo. We got to say good-bye to Clyde and Dave and started up with Taxol. Now, I'd heard that Taxol doesn't cause the same range of side-effects that Clyde and Dave do but I wasn't sure what that means. Now I know, so I thought I'd give a quick update with you all.

Basically, they took me off the Emend because the nauseousness wasn't supposed to be as bad and it wasn't. I took Atavin and Compazine on Monday night and Tuesday night and that was it and I've been eating and drinking the entire time.

They did put me on mega-doses of steroids (don't ask me which one, the bottle is downstairs). I took a dose Sunday night, again Monday morning and more in the IV Monday afternoon, during my chemo and let's just say I was quite peppy on Tuesday, into Wednesday morning but was still able to sleep.

Yesterday mid-morning I crashed, and slept most of the day, when the other side-effect manifested itself - body aches. Yep, my doctor said it would be like the flu, and he wasn't kidding. Yet, I was still able to sleep and Tylenol pretty much keeps the pain at bay.

I still have fuzzy brain but no where near the coma I had been in during the other four treatments (yes, I can actually speak in full sentences). Still have it now, but I'm going to force myself into the shower and take mom out to dinner for her birthday!

Oh, and I finally asked, sort of, the prognosis question. Basically, I asked Doc F. on Monday if I could start planning my life again, my spring and summer trips, you know. He looked at me like I had two heads and basically said, "Yes, that's why we're doing this. We're planning on you being cured this spring." Phrew.

Feel like I can finally breathe again. And that light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger.

Off to look at Paris apartments!!!!!

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Yay for light at the end of the tunnel! And how wonderful of the doctor to give you that "two heads" look, that's awesome.


I can feel the joy you are feeling at this wonderful news!

Great news!

Hey, they have daily flights Paris-Seville you know...

Oh Kim, that is so wonderful! And it is so generous of you to take your mom out for dinner after a chemo session.
Have fun planning your trips!

I really like your doctor!

Your doctor sounds amazing - finding a good caregiver is so important! It's good to hear that there is some light amidst the darkness.

We miss you in Paso!


You are turning the corner. This is an important landmark. I'm very happy for you.


That's great news Kim. On to Paris!


Hi Kim, I haven't been on the board much in the past few months and just read your blog entries. So sorry you have to go through all this. Hopefully, spring and summer will bring some sun and fun. Thinking of you and your family,


I'm so happy for you, Kim! What a great doctor, that kind of confidence is infectious!


That's the kind of attitude a Doctor should have! Good for him and Better for you.

Wow Kim, I had no idea i've been so overwhelmed by my new life. I hope you get to come here soon and I can take you out for a crepe.

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