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Paris Apartments

I know I've talked about this but haven't really given much details so let's play a little catch up before jumping into the apartment discussion. Mom takes each grandchild on a trip after his/her b'nai mitzvah. Becky went to London. Kevin went to California for a surfing contest. Jake wanted to go to the All-Star game last summer but that became too problematic (can you say extremely ridiculous prices?), so he asked if he could join Sammi in Paris for her trip. Now Dad really has no desire to go to Paris again, so I said, if he's willing to watch Becky, I'd go in his place (I know, huge sacrifice). He jumped at the chance and everyone was happy (oh, and of course we said Jake could go - I think it will be way fun).

Originally, we had planned an April trip but then "It" happened, so we postponed (luckily no deposits had been made). Well, last week the doctor gave me the go ahead to start planning summer trips and of course, I jumped right in with apartment searches.

Since now, we're planning on going in the summer, I had to start from scratch. You see for an April trip air-conditioning wasn't required but now, in the summer, it is (and please don't try to change my mind unless you're willing to listen to my mother and daughter whine during a heat wave in Paris - and heck who are we kidding - really for the rest of their lives).

So here's where I stand so far. I have yet to contact any owners/agencies but all the apartments I've found to date are plotted below. If you continue reading, you'll also find links and some notes I made on each.

What I did not factor in are the Paris Perfect apartments, which are of course, lovely, and from past experience with London Perfect, have wonderful amenities, but are downright expensive, starting at €2415 for a two bedroom and rapidly rising in to the threes. I didn't include them, but Mom may decide she wants the splurge - who knows. I also want to double check with an agency I was in contact with before, just to make sure they don't have any air-conditioned apartments I overlooked.

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Update: We're discussing these over on the Slow Travel Talk Forums too.

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Dear lord - and people say that I am obsessive! LOL That is a great deal of research.

Kim, how exciting!
I have not been to Paris for a a while now.
All these apartments look great.But I really like the second one, 6th floor with elevator is my thing. The other sixth floor one through Home Away is nice too, but no A/C?

Kim, I'm so happy you are going to Paris!
I posted a couple of suggestions on the board, and saved the best til last.
This is my dream rental, along with Paris Perfect, of course. I find them a lot of cold hard cashola for one person, so have passed them by every year.
Here's my favorite at 380 Euros/night:
Louvre Paris Royal

Here it is on another site, a whole lot less expensive at $290/night...dollars, not Euros:
Palais royal

I'm jealous!

Barb Cabot:

This is going to be a great trip with 3 generations. I'll be watching as this itinerary develops. Keep us posted. Something wonderful to look forward to.


I don't blame them for wanting air conditioning. I'd be a pia too if I didn't have it.


I want to go to Paris (whining) too.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Jerry, I'd say, well if you were going with your Mom ... but you often do travel with her. I guess I just want to make sure it's up to her standards, as opposed to mine.

Brenda, thanks for the tips over on the France forum and here.

Candi, that second one is nice but it's booked almost solid - so we can do it if we can be flexible on our week. The other sixth floor, only has an elevator to the 5th, then you walk one flight and one report from a reviewer said the a/c didn't work, so ...

Yay you are going to Paris! I have never been and know nothing about apartments there but I am thrilled to hear that you are going!!


Sounds like a fabulous trip - I would love to be obsessively planning something myself right now - want to do some work on apartments in Rome for Xmas week for a trip that we may or may not take? Oh wait, I belong to Slow Travel, need to do my own research. . .

My personal opinion:
anything without an elevator I would cross off imediately and look for a high floor so that makes the ground floor out, ile St louis sounds nice but there is no market and the pub transport is sort of lacking right down there.

i would go for le marais or St Germain - so central. But the apt in the 8th looks nice.

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