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Thank God the Internet Doesn't Come With Smellevision

Yes, because if you could smell what I smell right now, you'd probably stop reading and walk away from your computers. Then again, laying in bed next to me, Chris insists he smells nothing but who knows if he's being kind.

So here's the thing (and feel free to call me crazy), but I swear these chemicals they pump into me as a part of chemo have a scent as they leave my body through whatever means they choose (and yes, I do mean urine and sweat - hey I never promised not to gross you all out, just to tell you what I think).

Clyde and Dave were harsh, and I'd swear I'd smell this acrid, chemical odor for days (each treatment lasting longer than the one before). When I couldn't smell it any more, well, that would be about the time I'd start to feel better. Coincidence?

Well, it seems Taxol has its own odor too. Last cycle, I thought I smelled from all the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cheddar crackers I wolfed down in one semi-delirious state. But nope, it's back, and it's cheezy, and it must be the Taxol leaving my system.

Chris just thinks my sense of smell has been compromised. I'm thinking if this continues, someone better bring me a big bag of cheeze doodles to satisfy the craving.

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Kim, I think Chris is right and it is your sense of smell that is compromised. Terry was incredibly sensitive to any odours. But it passed and he is back to normal, so there is hope for you - you won't have to live on cheese doodles (whatever they are) for ever!

Wow there sure is a lot of weird stuff along with this treatment! I am sure you smell like roses but that the drugs mess up your sense of smell. Or if you smell like Goldfish crackers, that is not so bad either!


Very interesting, Kim. I have no sense of smell, because of severe allergies, yet at times I could swear I smell strange things (and not usually pleasant smells, like fresh coffee or flowers)

I don't understand my brain's wiring at all, but I'm convinced that sometimes my imagination can truly override my senses.

So perhaps Chris is being honest, and all of the chemicals in your body are either messing a bit with your wiring, triggering something in your sense of taste, or preying on your mind.


oh, now I'm craving Cheetos! :D


You want me to bring cheese doodles? cheese nips? or goldfish? or better yet all the above?


Oh god, none please, thanks Lisa. I'm just getting that cheezy smell out of my nose.


Anything that smells like cheese is good, as far as I am concerned! But I can see where you would get tired of it.

My chemo cocktail had platinum in it, so I ended up with an awful metallic taste in my mouth and an icky chemical smell on my skin, which lasted during the first week of the three-week cycle.

It's very likely that you are also "tasting" your chemo-induced body smell, which would make it smell stronger to you than it does to others.

Apparently Taxol is produced from the bark of the Pacific Yew Tree ... which maybe tastes like cheese doodles?

Terry (teaberry):

I think you're right, Kim. Definitely.

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