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The Letter R

Girasoli did this thing on her blog that she got from Jill at Fizzy Thoughts, where you're assigned a letter, and must come up with ten things you love that begin with that letter. I opted in, and almost missed it as Girasoli assigned me the letter, "R." So here it goes, ten things I love that begin with the letter R.

1. To start, an easy one - Riemanns and Rosucks as I'm both, the former being my married name and the latter being my maiden name.

2. Red is one of my favorite colors.

3. Robins - I love watching for the return of the Robins in winter (sighted this past weekend), and was lucky enough to watch a Robin family be born and grow outside our family room window.

Oooh, this is tough.

4. Roasts - I love the whole concept, a roast for a large gathering, Shabbos or Sunday dinner, family gathered around the table - basically all the connotations a roast can give.

5. Risk - loved this board game as a kid. Boy, would like to play that again.

6. Rationalization - to misquote a famous line, "Who can get through the day without at least one good rationalization?"

7. Raisins - some people give these guys a bum rap but I think they're the perfect to go food.

8. Rabbit - I'm sick. I think they're adorable as pets but they make for some pretty fine eating too.

9. Rainbows - come on? How can you not? I love looking for them after sun showers and can't wait to seem them when we visit the Rainbow State in June!

10. Reading! Be it magazines, newspapers, blogs, books - I love to read. Now if only I could remember to put my glasses on, I could do more of it.

So how's that? Didn't end up being as hard as I thought it might be. Thanks Girasoli for the idea! If you want a letter, leave me a comment and I'll send one your way (and promise it won't be "X").

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OK, Kim, I'll bite. Give me a letter.


Excellent list, Kim. I'm so with you rationalization. Rabbits, I'm not so sure......


Nice job, I am having a deuce of a time with M.


Kim, I would like to have a letter!


Funny about rabbits. Just this week a large white domesticated one started hanging out in Fred's cabbage patch. It has nearly devoured several of his prize ones, but it IS cute. We are trying to track down the owner but no luck yet...

I'll bite, too. Just be gentle with me when you assign my letter.

I can't believe I forgot that your last name starts with R! I also love Risk. My favorite country to get was Madagascar. I was in disbelief when I realized a friend of mine actually lived in Madagascar! Great list! Very entertaining read.

I forgot to add, I saw a huge rainbow right over my school when I arrived at work both today and yesterday morning. I thought about the rainbow I saw yesterday when I read your post and couldn't believe it when the rainbow was there again this morning when I arrived at work. I hope there are some beautiful ones when you arrive.

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