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Wishful DrinkingDo you know what Schadenfreude is? I first heard it as a song in the musical Avenue Q. It means, basically, "making me feel glad that I'm not you," or "happiness at the misfortune of others" and for some strange reason (well, not really strange if you read the book), it's the first thought that pops into my head when thinking how I feel about reading Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher. That's not a bad thing and I don't think she'd mind, but basically, if you think you had a f---ed up life, you'll probably feel pretty good about it after reading this.

But let me back up for a moment too because we all know my life, for the last three months, has been pretty f---ed up. So I needed the laughs that this book provides. Heck, I deserve them and so do most of us. And that's what it is - filled with some darn good chuckles and smiles because she looks back at her life with humor, not self-pity (well, maybe just a tinge but she's earned it), and the best part, even my chemo muddled brain can down this 163-page book in 90 minutes. Yep, you read that right, I woke at 4:00am, gave up on sleep at 4:20am, came downstairs, made coffee, settled in with this book and by 6:10 I finished it, acknowledgments, cover, and all.

So, my point? If you got 90 minutes to kill, it's more enjoyable than that marathon of Housewives of Orange County and will give you a better lift from the Schadenfreude, so do yourself a favor and read it.

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The nice thing about books like this (other that the laughter) is the realization that even though things may be going badly for you - they go worse for others. There is nothing like a bit of a reality check. Even better when they manage to pull they way back out of the depths. Hope and laughter . . .


Interesting Kim, I think I will read it!


I had bought this before we left for Italy but didn't take it with us. Read it this past week and enjoyed it as much as some of her other books. Her daughter with Bryan Lourd was presented at a ball in the Crillon recently and I saw photos in a "Hello" magazine I bought there - Billie certainly resembles her mother.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Kim, thanks for this book recommendation. It sounds like a great read, so I'm going to order it.

Great book recommendation, Kim.
It sits on our New in iography bay right next to the customer service counter, so I see the cover almost every day. I just haven't gotten around to reading it. But now I will.


Thanks for the recommendation, Kim. I think I will get this book.


It is funny, but definetely made me glad not to be her.

CPav [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Kim, have you seen Julia Sweeney's "God Said Ha!"? I think you'd enjoy it.

Letting Go of God is good as well, but I liked Ha better.

Thanks for the review. I read "Postcards from the Edge" by her many years ago and really enjoyed it. And you're right about perspective...


Thanks for this recommendation, I think Carrie Fisher is very funny -- I also enjoyed Postcards from the Edge.

Barb Cabot:

Hey Kim, Are you getting some kind of "kick back" on this review? LOL Looks like quite a few copies will be bought based on your recommendation. I think I may be one of them as well. I think it was probably very difficult to have a mom like hers, just from the things I've heard and read.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Uh oh. People, I should warn you though, at my book club last night, not everyone appreciated the humor of the book (especially if they didn't know who Princess Leah is/was). So be warned. My friend and I loved it but then we wondered if it's because we're somewhat dysfunctional too ;)....

Interesting that everyone in the book club didn't appreciate the humor. Recently I was having lunch with a couple of friends. We were talking about the movie Little Miss Sunshine. One of my friends who grew up in a very normal home did not like the movie. Thought it was not believable at all. My other friend and I both grew up in dysfunctional families. We loved it. I guess the whole perspective thing plays a role in book and movie reviews. It sounds like a funny book to me and one that would be great to read when you are not having the best of days.


I have always loved to read Carrie Fisher's life stories, and yes, it does make me glad not to be her. But dysfunctional I get, and she writes well. But Kim, fyi, even without chemo, I have been know to speed-read a book throughout the night, tho nowadays I have to save that craziness for summer vacations.

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