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President's Day

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Okay, you should give a warning to go pee before watching. That was hysterical!

Funny clips. I bet there are probably many hours of clips of his blunders out there. The sad thing is that he was our President for 8 years. For the life of me, I still can't understand how people voted for him, especially after the first 4 years. Thank goodness we now have a President who speaks in complete sentences and does not depend on cue cards!


I agree with Girasoli. There are some things that are laughable about GWB but generally I find this stuff embarassing.

Thank god/goddess he's gone!

Kim, I have a request (no rush) but when you get a chance, could you please post your lentil soup recipe on the Food Board? I've got a bag of lentils here and a craving...thanks!


I laughed so hard, but Jan is right. It is embarrassing. How could people have elected him - twice!


A brilliant post, Kim. Brilliant and sad -- he had waaay too much power for waaaay too long.

Thanks for posting the recipe - I'm going to make it tonight!

I feel bad for the man, not many people have repeatedly made jokes of themselves on international TV . But I am also embarrassed he was our president for eight years.

I just got around to watching this and wow... I was laughing but as others have said, it is also sad!

Cristina is right go to the WC before watching

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