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We Didn't Start the Fire

I have lots of potential post ideas rolling around in my head, but totally ran out of time today, so I thought I'd share this link with you instead (was hoping to embed it). Anyway, you may have seen it, as it's been around a while, but if not, and you're a Billy Joel fan or history buff, turn up your volume sit back and sing along. Oh, and watch it in full screen if you can, and notice how the year changes in the lower left corner.

We Didn't Start the Fire

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First time I have seen this. Has to watch it twice since I missed your recommendation to watch it full screen and to watch the years in the corner the first time. I have always liked that song, but have never comprehended every single word before. Very cool video. That must have been a huge project puttting that together. I wonder what Billy Joel would think of the video. Thanks so much for sharing.

Kim, this is so cool. Thanks for sharing. I love Billy Joel.

Barb Cabot:

Thanks I needed that...as soon as I saw the title of your post I thought of the song..then to my pleasant surprise there it was for me to listen to and watch...so well done.


Very cool! Billy Joel pack our new casino
concert hall the other night.


As you know he is my favorite, and I love watching this video.


I'm getting a "link is broken" error message :( Will try again later though, my internet is a bit wonky right now. I love this song and haven't heard it for years, so thanks for reminding me of it!

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