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Cue Ball

When are the auditions for Mr. Freeze?

So I shaved my head today. I had a head full of wisps that never fell out, and kept growing, so it was getting hard to tell if I was getting new hair or not. Now that it's shaved, we'll know any hair from this point on will be new. It actually feels very refreshing! You know, I think my eyes show better without hair too.

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I like your head better bald than with the few wisps. Have the doctors said how long after chemo before your hair will start growing back?

Request: photo of you and Chris together! :) Kim, you look great. Seriously.

I was thinking that about the eyes before even reading what you have written! You look radiant and happy - I am guessing your spirits are lifted by being closer to the end of treatment! Have a good weekend and make sure to catch those RHOC reruns.

Ah, that does look much fresher. I was wondering why you hadn't done it sooner. And you're right about the eyes. No distractions.


Your eyes look amazing - and you are!

Speaking of wisps, don't know if you've ever read April Winchell's web site, but she had this current entry:

Arpil Winchell

Was afraid to show it to my husband, he might get some ideas, but he wouldn't be able to catch up with this guy...

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Azahar, just lazy :).

Chris - that is so gross.

Thanks everyone. We actually think my hair may be growing back already in places as there is a rough stubble but we'll see. Some women have their hair grow back while on the Taxol, others do not.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Colleen, forgot to say, right now Chris has more hair than me! As soon as he shaves again, we'll get the duo photo.


Kim, your photo shows the warmth of your personality. When a friend of mine's hair started growing back it looked awesome. I told her that she looked like she has a very expensive haircut. She said... "it was a very expensive haircut... if I knew what the chemo bills looked like" :)

Hugs all the best wishes... (By the way, it is 3AM here in NorCal and you, Jerry, and I are posting around the same time! Addicts!)

Kim- I always thought your eyes were brown or dark hazel. They look green/hazel in that picture!

AND, do pictures of you and Chris from the top and the back both. I think we should all get to vote on who has the prettiest head. :grin:


I'm glad you finally got around to doing it.


You look great, Kim! Yeah, much better shaved than with the whisps.

First thing I said to you when we met..."Wow! You have beautiful eyes, Kim!"
Nothing's changed, you still do!
I'll be interested to see how your hair is when it grows back...curlier, straighter, different colour...there can be lots of changes!

Barb Cabot:

Lovely eyes and smile. When I look at you I see the inner beauty coming through. Hair or no hair, you are radiant.


Good for you, and what a fab smile, Kim. I think you are right, better to be wispless, and then you can really see your beautiful hair grow back.

YOU ARE so RADIANT! What a smile. Can't wait to see you,
How wonderful to read all these comments

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