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Are You Cluttered

Sandrac from A Journey of A Thousand Miles found more quizzes:

Your Mind is 37% Cluttered
Your mind is very free. You've liberated yourself from most worries and problems.
And even if something does start to clutter your mind, you're easily able to let it go.
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I'm 46%...hmmmm!!


Apparently my mind is more cluttered than your :); I am going to have to figure out how to let things go. My garage is even more cluttered than my mind.

When I did this quiz last year my mind was 45% cluttered. Now it's 36%.

Funny how your life can change in a year, eh?

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Azahar - amazing isn't it?

Marcia - you help with my desk and I'll help with your garage - imagine all the wine we can enjoy!

Lisa, let me ask you, do you think your mind is less cluttered now than a year ago? I bet it is and I'll bet a year from now even more so.


My mind must be less cluttered. It's amazing how the mind and body work like that.


75% cluttered. I think I may need to PM Palma for some intensive therapy!


Well done, Kim.

My mind is still 58 per cent cluttered. Unfortunately, that's making me feel "a bit disappointed and bitter" (to quote the quiz) which probably only adds to the cluttter!

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