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The Ultimate

So today is the Ultimate chemo, as in it's the last! Can't believe it's finally here, back in October, November, December, it seemed so far away.

My college roommate and good friend, Cheryl (some of you may remember her, she was the matron of honor at my wedding), is driving in all the way from PA this morning - and I can honestly say, I'm more excited to spend the morning with her than this being my last - but two good things, I'm doubly blessed.

I met with my Radiology Oncologist or is that Oncology Radiologist last week, and he seems like a really nice, fun guy (Dr. C. - I'm trying to convince him to buy a road bike). I'm using a local Radiology Group (about 9 miles from my house and am hoping that eventually, I'll be able to ride my bike to my sessions). He gave me a tour of the facility (very state of the art, very clean, and they have their own Keurig coffee maker!) and it turns out that another friend from my swim club days will be my nurse - small world. I have my mapping on March 19th (1:30 -- must remember to get that on the calendar), which will take about 40 minutes to an hour but after that, each session lasts no more than 15 minutes from the time I enter the building to the time I leave. It's just every day, starting March 30, for six weeks (excluding weekends - did you know cancer doesn't work on the weekends?).

As I said before, the Taxol side effects weren't as severe (apparently I was lucky in that the loss of feeling/numbness thing at the tips of your extremities can be a real pain, but I didn't really have that - just the muscle pain that lasts three or four days). I've noticed though I have been more tired than usual these past two weeks. Oh well, this too shall pass.

So I guess that's it. Need to get my act in gear, hop into the shower and get dressed.

Have a good one you all!

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Cancer not only gets weekends off, but most major holidays too. Weird, eh?

Great that this is almost over. And kinda nice timing in that it's spring and there's that lovely "hopeful" feeling in the air. And how wonderful that your friend is coming to be with you today.

Barb Cabot:

Hi Kim, I love the way this mapped out version of your treatment has "light" at the end of the tunnel. You are heading toward the victory line! You're almost there. I'm so glad your Dr., the facility and staff all sound right.
Good luck on this last leg of the treatment. It's all very positive. Enjoy your time with Cheryl!


Wow Kim, I am so glad to read that you are getting to your last treatment. Here's a bunch of good wishes (and Happy Purim) to you and yours. Have an easy time........

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

You've done it. This has been your marathon.

You have shown us how!


I am so glad chemo is over. Here's to hoping I see much more of my workout buddy!!


Two things to be thankful for today! I'm really happy for you!

Terry (teaberry):

Congratulations, Kim. I'm so glad this is over for you. You so bravely brought us all along on your very scary journey, and now you have arrived at the end. Brava, and I'm glad we can share in some of the joy.


Congratulations Kim! The fog shall soon lift.

Yeah! Great, Kim. And have fun with your girlfriend!

YAY this post made me happy! Hooray for chemo being over! And wonderful that your friend is coming to spend the day with you.


Kim, I am really glad that Chemo is over for you. Wishing you happy and healthy days ahead!


Whoopie! So glad this is the end of chemo!
Have a wonderful time with Cheryl!

Thank goodness for girlfriends!


Thanks for reminding us of this red letter date -- or should we consider it a Susan B. Korman PINK letter day!

I don't know many patients who figure they can ride their bikes the 9 miles to treatments! You are truly something else, Kim.


Kim, I am so happy that you have conquered chemo. Take care of yourself this week. Sending big hugs from Italy.

Margaret Baran (margaretlb):

I had such a busy last quarter-first quarter at work that I hardly spent any time on slowtalk. Last week I found some time (while waiting for a report while working OT) and noticed your blog. I was shocked and so sorry to hear about your cancer and so uplifted by your great attitude in facing this challenge. I pray that your radiology treatments are easy to take and that you're fully cured very, very soon. I wish you all the very best and a cancer free future!!!


So happy to hear the news! Hang in there :)


Well, here's another yay! I am truly happy for you and your family that this part of the journey is over and done. Done, done, done.


Hurray on two counts, Kim! So happy for you. I hope that you are enjoying your time with your friend and celebrating the end of chemo.

Take care and sending you all the best.

Yay Kim!! Wonderful news!! Amazing that the radiation treatments will only take 15 minutes. I hope you gain your strength and energy back soon.


We all celebrate with you.
WOW--you're done!


Another yay and congratulations, Kim! I'm so happy for you that chemo is finally over.

I hope you have a wonderful time with your friend!


This is the most wonderful news Kim! Hurray!! You are truly one of the bravest people I know. Here's hoping the radiation treatments pass quickly and you can move on to traveling (amomg other delights)very soon.

This is a happy milestone isn't it? Celebrate with your friend.

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