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Theme: Protect(ion)


How's that for protection?

I couldn't resist a shot of these in a London Souvenir shop when I visited with my mom and daughter in 2006. Now I'm even happier I took the photo (much to my daughter's chagrin).

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What an incredibly tacky but funny find! As souvenirs, are you supposed to keep them or use them?

Thanks for visiting mine.

I thought of those too. But YOU have a photo of them.

Here's MINE Happy Saturday to you.

My second glance at this for this week's theme.

Yep, lots of protection there ;-)

Sorry to read about that spot of bother you mentioned in the bloghead. Hope it goes away and you will continue your travels happily.

Have a great weekend!

He he. I thought about posting the photo of the condom machine I saw in Venice but ended up going with folk art instead. Yours is funny!

That's a lot of protection there... LOL Mine is up!

LOL. Funny take on the theme!


LOL. Great post, Kim!

Ha! Great shot.

I knew someone would post a photo of this type of protection. ;)

Kim, a very "unique" take on the theme. Great shot.

Happy weekend.

Souvenir condoms? I suppose it is better than getting a souvenir STD....

Funny take on the theme!

This is hilarious.I can only imagine the looks from your daughter! LOL

Those are souvenirs? That's funny! Great take on the theme.


I LOVE it!

And it is "protection" - we hope!

Great post! Perfect for the theme this week! I love your creativity. Thanks for the laugh :)

Excellent!!! I love it..I thought of it & you posted it!

Hope you'll have time to stop at mines http://upcountrysmiles.com


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