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Progression of Hair Loss and Return

Just found it all very curious. The second picture really shows me how much I look like my brother (not that he's losing his hair or anything) just something about the expression I guess. And in the last one, without eyebrows, though they're coming back, you really see my eyes (that and they're not squinted for once). So that's from last July (the first shot), through this morning.

I'm going to have to take another shot in July, one year from the first one, just to see.

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Kim, what a great idea. The progression of photos. All so different, and yet all you. I think your eyes are gorgeous in that last photo.

I like the new crop of fuzz on the last shot. It will be fun to see what it looks like in July.

Agree with Deborah!
Although they are all great photos of you, there is something about the last photo...must be the calm and peaceful feeling I get when I look at you in that image.

How's the colour? The same? I betcha there will be a change...curlier or straighter, lighter or darker...chemo does strange and wonderful things with hair, and I have no idea why.
Huge hugs,


Kim, I also think the progression photos are a great idea. You look beautiful in all of these photos, in different ways. But I think that you look fantastic in today's shot, something about your eyes and that little Mona Lisa smile!

Kim, I love your eyes in the last photo. Amazing progression!

Now the fun part . . . how will it grow back in? :-)

One of my colleagues lost her hair during her breast cancer treatment and when it grew back it was curly - she had never had curly hair in her life. looks amazing and she LOVES it!

Interesting progression, as you say! When my hair's really short, I notice my resemblance to my bro, too. Look forward to seeing your July anniversary photo.

Good to see your latest look. You look like you are getting healthier in each photo.


Hair or no hair, you still have those beautiful eyes and smile, my friend - good idea to chart the progress.

These are great, Kim.

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