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Well, with all the other "distractions" in my life I haven't really written or planned too much for this trip. As some of you may recall, my parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year.

Dad, Mom & Sammi at Sammi's Bat Mitzvah

So to celebrate, they're taking all of us, my family and my brother's to Maui for a week. My brother used to live there, so we've spent time there together before the children (aka grandchildren) arrived.

I want the girls to see Pearl Harbor, so in the totally untrue SlowTrav spirit, I tacked on a day at the front of the trip for Ohau (I was hoping for longer but as it is Becky's taking a final and leaving for the airport right afterward - luckily I hadn't scheduled that earlier flight). We'll leave Thursday afternoon, and arrive Thursday night. Andrew and Katy's kids finished school over a week ago, so they're heading to Oahu on Wednesday. Mom and Dad decided to go for alone time, and are heading straight to Maui on Wednesday. On Saturday, all the "kids" will head over to Maui to join my parents - we'll all be there for a week before catching late-night-flights and arriving home the next morning.

So here's what we have on the "agenda" so far.

Friday morning we're rising early (the four of us that is), to take a tour of Pearl Harbor. I found this company, E Noa Tours, and booked their Pearl Harbor Excursion. We won't have a car on Oahu, and I wanted a tour of just Pearl Harbor, most of them combine that with other sites (e.g., Punch Bowl, Diamond Head) but I didn't want that, I wanted just Pearl Harbor because I'm really not a "large group tour" person. And one of my not-so-great memories of Oahu was a tour we took there - the Pearl Harbor part was fantastic, but I just remember feeling completely trapped and bored on the parts afterward. I also wanted an early pick-up (because, let's face it, our jet-lagged bodies will rise early that morning) and this one has one - we'll get picked up at 6:30am and returned to our hotel about 10:30am. At a cost of $24 per person, I figured good deal.

Afterward, I'm meeting Girasoli of Shave Ice and Gelato fame as she graciously offered to do a tour for us of the windward side of the island or the north shore (either works for me) but of course, we'll have lunch first!

Friday also happens to be my sister in-law, Katy's birthday, so to celebrate we're heading over to the Hau Tree for dinner. We have good memories of that place - not so much the food (can't recall good or bad) but of sitting out on the beach to have dinner.

Saturday, we're up early to catch a 9:30am flight from Oahu to Maui. I think we'll be waiting at the airport longer than the 45 minute flight!

Once we're on Maui, we have little to nothing organized/planned.

Chris and I have rented two road bikes from West Maui Cycle and hope to do three or more rides about the island.

I'm hoping to arrange a get together with Candi, of Candi's Corner: Wanderlust and Passions, fame.

There is some talk of a group heading to Hana (I will not be apart of said group).

There is some talk of sport fishing (I will not be sport fishing).

There are some ideas about sailing and snorkeling cruise (I could be persuaded).

And the possibility of one or two short (three hours or less) hikes.

But other than that, not much planned yet.

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention this but we'll be staying at, the Hyatt Waikiki Resort and the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort. Life is good.

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Kim, have a wonderful time; this sounds like such a great trip. Happy Anniversary to your parents!

The S. Plum books just arrived - thanks so much for sending them, I can't wait to read them. I put yours in the mail yesterday so they should be there next week.

Safe travels!

You(all) will love Pearl Harbor. I just visited it for the first time couple months ago and absolutely enjoyed it.And I am sure you will have a great day afterward with girasoli.

Great plans, or lack of, for Maui, you will be at Kaanapali beach, you really do not need to leave to enjoy your stay. And do not need to pay for snorkeling trips, unless you want a boat ride, black rock is just around the corner from you and it offers great snorkeling, you can see turtles too.Hiking and biking sound great.
Would love to get together. Let me know.

Barb Cabot:

Sounds like a wonderful trip for everyone. Your parents are such a lovely couple. What a nice family Kim! Have a wonderful time in Paradise!

I guess I should have read this more carefully before emailing you (ignore the bike question). I would definitely recommend sailing! Very cool to do here. I am excited to see you next week!!

The Hau Tree serves great breakfasts also if you have time before your flight in the morning.

It sounds like a fabulous trip.

Life is good indeed.

Kim-Have a wonderful and relaxing time in Hawaii. We enjoyed Maui again this year. Ate at Kimo's for lunch one day, good food and great views. I didn't do a review like I was going to, but Roy's in Kehei is really good. We ate there twice this trip, and eat there every year. Husband had the short ribs both visits, I had fish both times. Nice wines there also.


Your itinerary sounds wonderful! You must be so excited after the year you have been thru.

Have a wonderful time!


Kim, this sounds like so much fun for your family! Have a great time with Susan.

Annie's comment reminded me to tell you how much I loved the first vampire book Undead and Unwed (one reason to return home so I can buy more in this series.) And the latest Plum novel is fun as well --thanks for the ideas!

Are you going THIS week? In just a few days? Have a wonderful trip.


Sounds like a really good plan, and doing a non-ST thing to take the girls to Pearl Harbor is a good idea, they should see it. Once upon a time when we were escorts for the daughters soccer team to a tournament in Honolulu, I insisted everyone visit Pearl Harbor. Have a simply fabulous time and Happy Anniversary to your folks - I seriously hope we make 50 and can do something similar with our family.

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