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Never Forget

I've got to tell you, seeing this today peeves me. And here's why.

There's another event in our not too distant past for which a group says, "Never forget." The problem? It seems like today, in this country, a lot of people have forgotten.

I read this blog, YesbutNobutYes the other day, specifically, "Heil Hitler?!?" What the Hell Is Happening In Our Country and I grew sick. The "right's" use of associating our current administration with Hitler and the Nazis is outrageous, sickening and demeans "Never Forget" creating a generic presence representing anyone that happens to disagree with your opinion.

And let's face it, besides the events of eight years ago, and the events that started some 70 years ago, there are a hell of a lot of things in human history that we should "Never Forget." So many, I'd wager, that we've forgotten a huge chunk of them.

So, instead of "Never Forget", how about let's remember one thing, to treat everyone, everywhere with kindness, courtesy and compassion. Maybe then we'll finally have nothing we have to "Never Forget."

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Excellent post! I agree completely.


Well said,Kim!

Barb Cabot:

Amen Kim!

jan [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I really appreciate this POV, Kim and totally agree.

! ! ! AMEN ! ! !

We were talking about that yesterday - why, oh why, to we have such a capacity of forgetting the things we should remember the most. Why do we keep making the same mistakes over and over again?

As we gear up for yet another election here in the north I know I'm going to be crazed at the stupid statements made by those on the right to try and advance their cause.

Excellent thought to remember on this day.


Very well said, Kim!

Beautifully written.

It is so sickening watching the hatred and racism displayed by so many in the disguised name of patriotism. The woman in that video should be shipped out of the country.

Oh Kim, this is so true! The Hitler comparisons make me sick to my stomach and like you say, they demean "Never Forget", because if these people really remembered they would not use such a comparison (or so I hope.)

Growing up in Europe I think we might learn more about WW2 and the genocide, or at least that is my impression, and maybe that prevents us from making those awful Hitler comparisons. For instance, my dad is a teacher and every year organizes trips to some of the concentration camps to teach the youth about what happened and to Never Forget. It has a lot of impact on the students and I think it gives them a good foundation.

Like the guy in the blog says, nothing of this is funny. Not even the fact that they compare the person who tries to give health care to all Americans to the person who killed millions and millions of people. Saturday there was a march against health care (oh the irony) here in DC and one of the most annoying photos I saw was of a woman in a wheelchair using some of these awful slogans. Does she even know if that she lived in Nazi Germany she would probably have been killed???

(Sorry for the long comment but thanks for writing this!!)

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