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The Avon Walk T-6 Days

I know I wrote about doing the Avon Walk many moons ago and I know many of you generously supported me and I know I promised frequent updates and I know I've let you all down in that regard.

Here's the truth of the matter. I've been training with my friends Alison and Stephanie but not nearly as much as I should - why? Because I hate it (not the being with Al and Steph though - they're a blast)! It's the walking.

Alison, Stephanie, & Kim

I'm sorry but walking for three, four or even five miles is fine. But after that, it gets boring. It gets painful too - my feet hurt, my ankles hurt, luckily with my new sneakers, my legs finally stopped hurting ... but still. And the longer we trained, the more I dreaded it. The more I dreaded it, the less I walked (well at least the shorter walks - like 6 - 8 miles - yes those are considered shorter walks). The less I walked, the guiltier I felt about not walking and not keeping you all updated.

Luckily though, the training is over. Why? Because a week from now we'll be done. And whether or not we walk 39.3 miles, 26.2 miles or something in between, I read something today from a woman named Judy Cherry, that I thought I'd share that made me feel a whole lot better about this - even look forward to it:

RELAX, it's just walking. You've probably been doing it since you were about 1 year old. Well, yes, it's a lot of miles, but there are NO mileage police, so if you get tired at mile 10, stop, rest, or pop on a sweep van and sweep ahead to the next rest stop, then continue. If you are really done, the blisters are bad, the back hurts, listen to your body, and get swept to the Wellness Village.

YOU ARE A HERO, you raised the money to allow you to walk, but more importantly you have raised the money that will help many who have no breast health care, you have raised the money that will help fund the research that will end this epidemic.

You ARE curing Cancer because you took the time to raise the money to walk, the walk is a reward, not a punishment, enjoy it!

Whether you walk 39 steps or 39 miles or somewhere in between, just remember you are a HERO!

There's one thing I will disagree with though, "YOU ARE A HERO, you raised the money to allow you to walk..." I'm not the hero. You all are! Thanks for all your support.

Tomorrow I'll be posting the cheering stations, so if you happen to be in NYC next weekend, feel free to stop by and cheer us on.

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Well, you are wrong, Kim - you ARE a hero to us!

Walk as much as you can and however long it is, you will have met your goal. And we are proud of you!

Kim, is your walk still to come? A friend of mine in San Diego was in her Avon walk last week.

You have not let any of us down. You are amazing. Just the fact that you are participating is wonderful. It's not a big deal if walking is not your thing. I have always been in awe of your ability to bike long distance and up huge hills.


You should never feel guilty. You have walked walk the walk. Back and forth, and back again. And I really like how Judy put it.

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