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Flight and Arrival

What to say about flying first class? It’s really flipping unbelievable the service and comfort level between coach and first, especially on these long flights (this one was about 10 hours). First the seats are so much wider and softer. They recline in so many different levels and have feet rests. Not to mention, more comfortable pillows and blankets.

Then there’s the lovely, magical console we had on the flight. It pops out of the arm rest and had a million choices of movies, TV shows (so many movies, I never got to the shows but did hear tale that they had the first and second season of Dexter), and games (didn’t make it to those too). I did watch Julie and Julia (which I thought funny and adorable, though Julie was a bit self-absorbed for sure), Legally Blonde (sort of – I fell asleep during this), Annie Hall (I fell asleep during this too) but then restarted it and fast forwarded it to finish; I ended with Sound of Music (though it ended just as they arrived at the music festival because the plane was landing). It was funny because I had just commented, on the way to the airport, that I had not seen that movie in a while and I love it.

Finally, there’s the food while not fabulous is at least abundant. They start you off with a four-course dinner (yes about midnight), which had four choices and before landing had a plentiful breakfast. Oh, and did I mention the champagne offered before take-off and the free flowing alcohol during the flight (don’t worry Mom, I just had a single glass of champagne)? Anyway it was all good and I purposely only slept about three hours.

Landing was smooth and only about five minutes late. We were through immigration easily enough and waited a nominal amount of time for our luggage (enough for me to take out 1200NIS from the ATM). Then through Customs, and out into the arrival area in search of our driver. We had some difficulty finding him (basically we couldn’t), so after three attempts, Chris and Becky (probably mostly Becky’s doing), got change for our shekels (along with a diet Coke), called him and we found him by a bookstore. He really wasn’t the driver but the dispatcher who led us to the mini-bus that would take us to Ein Boqeq along the Dead Sea and our first stop. Funny but he had them bring a mini-bus (not kidding, like 14 rows) for the four Americans because he thought of all the luggage we would have; he was shocked by our four checked bags and four carry-ons. He didn’t believe we were Americans.

Trying to Figure Out How to Find Guide

We met some traffic on our way to the dessert and had to stop for gas as the driver thought he was going to Jerusalem and not the Dead Sea. It was a long, boring ride as it was pitch black by now, so nothing to see. It took about 2.5 hours – not great after the flight but what can you do?

Once we arrived, we checked in easy enough and then went for a walk to the market across the street (McDonald and a café there). We bought some bottled water (the tap water in the hotel is not drinkable), then spied another “strip mall” down the way and walked over there. We found a small café/restaurant where we settled in for a quick dinner (pasta for Sammi, omelet for Becky, Greek Salad for Kim and an appetizer platter for Chris) followed by some pretty decent gelato then back to the hotel and bed about 9:30. Oh, and don’t even ask about the “entertainment” in the lobby – too funny. It feels a bit like the Catskills here. Those of you in the “know” will understand.

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Been waiting for your first post. Glad you're there safe and sound. Hope jet lag is minor.
Have a wonderful, wonderful time!


Enjoy the rest of the trip! Are you going to tell us (not in the know) about the "entertainment" in the lobby? :)


Okay, now I HAVE to ask about the "entertainment" in the lobby! I have images of Milton Berle (in a dress, of course) passing through my mind.

Glad you arrived safe and sound. First class... how lucky! The last time I flew first class, I did not want to sleep either. Sounds like a long travel day. Love the word "shekels". Is that really the name for their money. Very cool!

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Yep, Girasoli, that's really the name of their money, right from Biblical times. Only now they call it the "New" Israeli Shekel (i.e., NIS).

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