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Monday, Again

Type of Day

I think this picture of me, perfectly sums up our last “touring” day, unfortunately. I should have known when Beck snuck into the breakfast room ahead of Sammi, rolling her eyes, and whispering, “She’s in a mood” that today would not be a good day. But Sammi had woken in snits before and had managed to pull it out in time for our touring to start, so I had hopes; I was wrong.

Our day started with a visit to a Druze village atop Mount Carmel. We made the mistake though of taking some slower, back roads to our destination, which only dragged out the time we were in the van and accentuated Sammi’s foul mood. So bad, that even the prospect of shopping didn’t relieve her doldrums. Oh well, Becky and I got into it, purchasing two pashmina (one for each of us), and some Druze glass plates for us and friends, and a few other chotchkeys.

Druze Fabric
Druze Fabric

After strolling through the town, checking out most of the stores, it was time for lunch, some falafel and fries at a local establishment within the town filled us nicely before we piled in the van and headed for another non-Sammi friendly destination, Tishbi Estate Wineries. Ah, let’s face it, by this point in the trip, Sammi was just toured out, and no promise of hanging on the beach or walking around Tel Aviv (sans van) our last day, could convince her to cut us all a break.

So while Chris and I toured with a rather large group (maybe 10 of us), the girls set up at a table in their restaurant for a game of Scrabble. The tour didn’t take long, we saw the oak casks where they age the wine, the area where they bottle and make a brandy (it can’t be called cognac because it’s not made in the Cognac region of France) and then we return to the restaurant where they set up a long table for us to sit and do a tasting.

Tishbi Winery
Tishbi Winery "Cognac" Room

Mini-Oranges at Tishbi Winery

Again, I have tasting notes for Tishbi and will try to do a separate write-up on our impressions of their wines. We did not purchase any wines though and we hopped back into the van to go to our next destination.

And where would that destination be? Well, it was supposed to be any number of places but Sammi was cooked and so was I (with her, not with touring). So we opted to cut our day short and return to Tel Aviv. A shame to end our time with Moshe on such a sour note, but there wasn’t much we could do for that. Of course, once we returned, Sammi was all apologies but …

After much “discussion” with Sam on the importance of understanding sometimes you have to do things that don’t necessarily float your boat, we ventured down to the Honors lounge for a round of drinks and a few hands of Rummy Cube (that travel set was one of the best $15 purchases I’ve ever made).

Finally, the falafel from lunch digested, we decided to venture out for dinner. Believe it or not, Tel Aviv has a brew pub, so we headed over to it, in search of some good beer and pub grub for dinner.

Tel Aviv Brew House
Tel Aviv Brew House

Oh, oh, what did we have for dinner? I know I had some a mixed sausage plate, Chris and Weinershnitzel (sp), and after that, I’m at a loss. I do recall a wonderful, real chocolate soufflé for dessert that was quite good.

From that pretty satisfying (and relatively inexpensive though I must find the receipt) dinner, we grabbed a cab and headed back to the hotel.

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I love that photo of you-very expressive. Sorry your last day turned out not so great, but I ma glad you got to shop and visit the winery.


If I had been Sammi and you gave me "that look", it would have scared me into behaving myself!

Sorry your last day couldn't have been better. It's sad to have your trip end on a down note.

Now that is a photo that can tell an entire story!

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