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Update from the Cancer Wars

I have so much to write about and I am so behind! Like 11 days on this month's challenge, but I will catch up. Yes I will.

But here's a little update from the cancer wars, since it's been just over a year since I finished chemo, which makes me a 1 year survivor. I asked Dr. F. yesterday, when do we get to count "survivorship" - is it from the surgery? Is it from the end of chemo? Radiation? He said, "Many people say the end of chemo ... and I did some research on this ... there's really no good definition. Basically, you had cancer, you're alive, you're a survivor." I like him and his matter of fact style.

He also moved me to a six-month plan for check-ups. So now I alternate - I'm seeing a doctor every three months, but I go between my surgeon and my oncologist, not both at the same time.

We're still doing MRIs of the left breast, though so far so good, they want to keep an eye on it. I had my first clean mammogram in November, and I'm scheduled for my next one in May.

I've added another doctor to my team. I visited a genetic counselor last week (posting my family history could be another long story but let's just say the counselor and oncologist who specializes in hereditary cancer, Dr. T., found me "interesting"). Anyway, after meeting with the counselor for over an hour and going through all the history and information, I had the genetic test done to see if I have the BRC-1 or BRC-2 mutation. Results, next week, and that will be another entry.

Lastly, there have been some other non-physical "side effects" that I've been meaning to write about it but I'm still not ready yet. Soon.

Oh, and my hair has returned in full force, though curlier (although this last haircut may have finally taken care of that) and only a tiny bit more gray (all the gray that came in first left).

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Glad that things are looking well,Kim!

I'm interested in hearing about your "side effects", Kim. Those are, imo, important in the healing process. And I always say if "you say so, then it's so"....or if you think you are done and survived, it's a fact!

Barb Cabot:

Kim thanks for the update. It really sounds like you have such a good team of doctors. It was so wonderful to see you last weekend. You absolutely shine! Keep us posted. As always you have a space in my prayers.

Kim, I am so glad that things look good for you.


I haven't seen or talked to you in awhile. We need to fix that.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Okay - I'll try to start working on the side effects entry soon.


I just want to say that you look great!! Your upbeat spirit and attack on this monster has been incredibly awesome. Thanks for sharing your journey.


Kim, I'm curious about the side effects, too!

But I'm so glad to hear that you're doing okay -- thanks for the update!

I am really glad to hear that everything is looking good although I hope the side effects are not something that may affect your health.

Hi Kim,
I haven't been around much but I think of you often. We may be in NY- for several months.

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