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100 More Things About Me

I've been wanting to start blogging regularly again. And I thought a 100 Things About Me post would be a good relaunch. But damn, it took a while to gather 100 more than what was in the first 100 Things About Me post. But here it is:

1. I had breast cancer.
2. I don't want breast cancer to define me.
3. I hate that it does.
4. I am very lucky though (not in lottery winning sort of way).
5. I have lots of incredible friends and family that support me.
6. I have a Bozo the clown punching thingy in my office (among other things).
7. My friends sent it to me when I was sick.
8. It makes me laugh.
9. I love to laugh.
10. It's tough to make me laugh.
11. I married Chris because he makes me laugh.
12. I love riding my bike.
13. I don't like riding my bike up hills.
14. I hate coming down hills more.
15. My bike is orange.
16. I call it the orange scream machine.
17. Someday, when I reach goal, I want to get a new bike.
18. I love seeing wild animals when I ride my bike (my friend Bobbi does not).
19. I love to travel.
20. I do not like to fly.
21. I still do get home sick (unless Chris is with me).
22. I've started a new business with a friend, GrapeHops.
23. We run tours to Italy and Spain (to start) focusing on the food, wine and beer in specific regions.
24. My Grandma May passed away last October. She was 96.
25. I bite/pick at my nails.
26. I can shoot an empty roll of toilet paper into the garbage while sitting on the toilet almost every time (at least in my own bathroom)
27. It's about 3 feet from my toilette to my garbage can.
28. I think that's pretty good.
29. I have a secret addiction.
30. It's watching the Real Housewives of NJ (and NY)
31. I don't need to watch the other Real Housewives franchises.
32. Another favorite children's book, Green Eggs and Ham (how could I forget that, see point 60 on previous list).
33. I am a morning person.
34. I usually wake up by 5:30am.
35. I'm usually in bed by 9:30pm.
36. My favorite dish that my mother made (makes) is stuffed cabbage.
37. I now own a Kindle.
38. Sometimes I catch myself trying to turn the page when reading it.
39. I have a love/hate relationship with my Kindle.
40. I have an Italy a Day calendar on my desk.
41. Chris gets me a new one every year for Chanukah.
42. I work from home.
43. Some days (usually Tuesdays), I work all day in my pajamas.
44. I like days when I never have to get out of my pajamas.
45. I have a thing for gnomes.
46. I like monkeys too.
47. I'm a Yankee season ticket holder.
48. Used to have the 26 game plan but they got rid of it at the new stadium.
49. Now I have the Sunday plan.
50. I share these with my friends Rain and Chris (not my husband Chris - a different Chris).
51. We sit in the last row of the stadium (but behind home plate).
52. For $25 a ticket, I think it's a good deal.
53. I keep score at Yankee games.
54. Chris taught me how to keep me score at Cardinals games (to keep me quiet and entertained).
55. Now I keep score using an App on my iPhone Becky bought me.
56. I love my iPhone - a lot more than I ever thought I would.
57. It's made me a better parent (now I don't mind waiting for my kids when they're late).
58. Tivo made me a better parent too.
59. I have a Tivo in my bedroom.
60. I record lots of history channel shows (yes and the RHW too).
61. I watch history/science shows at night before I go to sleep.
62. They make me sleepy.
63. Sometimes it can take a week to get through one show because I fall asleep after 5 - 10 minutes!
64. I want to get a Tivo in my family room for "real" shows.
65. I have very little furniture in my family room.
66. I keep booking trips instead.
67. My goal is to have furniture by Thanksgiving (I'm not saying what year).
68. I am horrible about sending birthday/anniversary cards.
69. Every year I vow to get better at it.
70. I never do...
71. At one point I was 108 pounds overweight (aka morbidly obese).
72. I lost a huge chunk of that.
73. I put a bunch back on after my cancer diagnosis (yes, you can gain weight during chemo).
74. I'm slowly taking it off now.
75. As an adult, I used to take piano lessons.
76. I stopped when things got a bit crazy with the girls' schedules.
77. I would like to start taking piano lessons again.
78. When I was a kid, I took guitar lessons.
79. I hated the way pressing on the strings hurt the tips of my fingers.
80. I love the portability of the guitar though.
81. I'm damn good at Sudoku.
82. I like to take hot baths.
83. I do not like to have the paper read out loud to me.
84. I like to read the paper out loud to who ever happens to be around.
85. I started another new business.
86. It's called SAHM Web Design.
87. I realized I need to earn some money to pay for college now.
88. When people whine over trivial things, I get annoyed.
89. Most things people worry about are trivial.
90. I know there are worse things to worry about.
91. I'm afraid that makes me a bitch.
92. Okay - I'm not really afraid (see note about worrying about trivial things).
93. Having actually faced the possibility of dying, I can reaffirm #32 on the previous list.
94. If I had a year, I would travel, every country along the Mediterranean and then some...
95. I'm a wicked procrastinator.
96. Being seriously ill makes you realize that's a bad way to live.
97. I still procrastinate though.
98. I'm trying to stop.
99. Sometimes I'm not sure how much is procrastination and how much is forgetful.
100. I want to drive around this country and see a baseball game in every major league stadium. Hmm... perhaps I should start a bucket list.

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You make me laugh.


Great list,Kim! I want to resurrect my Blog too.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Sheri - you should! Would love to read it. :)


Next time you're out this way, how about some tp roll tossing lessons? I think I could do that.

The one I like the best is #15 about the orange bicycle - that is my favorite color, and I have LOTS of orange stuff!

Also #47 about being a Yankee fan. Me too! Since I was a little girl, and I rooted for the Yankees and my sister for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Of course, the Yankees almost always won those confrontations.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Jane, will you be at SlowBowl? We could have a contest :).

Nancy - do you ever get east? If you do, I really recommend the The Yankee Stadium Tour. And if not that, then definitely a game. Would love to go with you. :)


Thanks for the chuckle about the furniture.

Anita Fiessi:

I like your list Kim. I'm glad that you have friends that support you! Chris, your husband sounds great and so do your kids.

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