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Itchy Feet, Itchy Feet - Got me Some Itchy Feet

Slow Travelers love traveling. They love planning it, they love talking about it and they love doing it, now it seems especially together.. Who would have known that 10 years ago, when Pauline Kenny started the website, www.slowtrav.com it would become a social phenomena, initiating the creation of many lasting friendships along the way? Yet, that's what happened, and when two years ago, this discussion started on the Slow Travel Talk forums, Italy October 2010 it never occurred to me to pop in and participate, only because I didn't think I would be able to travel back to Italy then.

But I have itchy feet. And they want to go, go, go!

So in May I started to look at airfares, just to see if I could get something cheap (and my cheap is less than $500) but not much luck. But you see, I'm the queen of rationalizations, I had a very good teacher (Hi Rain), and it occurred to me, with GrapeHops taking off, and the potential for some major bookings for the beer tour coming in (in the form of a customized tour), there was more work to be done, nailing down some details, checking on some accommodations, visiting some breweries, not to mention some other details I'd like to check into for our Venice Tour in May, so it would probably smart, yeah, good business, to travel over in October, and perhaps work in some time with my SlowTrav Peeps while I'm there.

So I did it - I booked a trip and here's the preliminary plan:

October 5th: Depart EWR (aka Newark)
October 6th: Arrive Milan, bus into the city, meet Shannon, visit our friends at Birrificio Lambrate, check out the home brew store we visited last time (perhaps purchase some ingredients)
October 7th: Head up toward Lake Como. We have two breweries to check out in the vicinity as well as accommodations
October 8th: Hook up with friends, Jen and Chris and visit Sondrio Italy (still having trouble getting accommodations here - need to get my act in gear on this)
October 10th: Head to Venice (I've rented an apartment in Cannaregio (more on that later) and hang with the SlowTrav gang
October 15th: Head back to Milan (I'll probably just stay at a hotel near the airport)
October 16th: return to EWR

So what do you think? Any of my local friends and/or family want to join in? Any suggestions?

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You have no idea how strangled I feel about having to stick to a school schedule for my vacations...That's the one thing I most look forward to after retiring when my back/knees/sanity give out--traveling when I want to!


I'm just totally jealous! And happy for you, too.



My feet itch most of the time these days! I love Slow Travel, all of the friends I've met, the fun we've had! Not to mention the fun we WILL have in October!

Kim, how cool is that!! I am thrilled for you! The plan sounds great and your rationalizing makes complete sense. Buon viaggio cara!

I am sooo jealous! Like Amy, I also hate not being able to take my vacation when I want to. I would have loved to have joined everyone in Venice. Have a fabulous fabulous time!

And... I must say, of course now you start blogging up a storm just when I decide to take a break from it all :)

(originally tried to leave you this comment a couple of weeks ago but ST blogs did not seem to like my comments at the time)

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