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Drawing Conclusions

I'm not going to hold back on this one, I love Guido Brunetti and Donna Leon but this book just didn't do it for me. I felt it sputtered along, without much suspense, a lot of repeating or rehammering of the same exposition without much action or interaction with some of the characters we love (i.e,. very little with his family, his in-laws). It felt ... taped together to me. Come one, we know Brunetti has the "map in his head" of Venice, to tell us once at the beginning is fine but to repeat it every time he goes for a walk, not necessary. Not to mention how he feels about certain suspects, art dealers, over and over. Okay - I guess I made my point.

I'll read the next Brunetti in hopes it will be better but I fear this may be the end of the line for me and this much loved character.

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Maybe she has run out of story lines and fresh descriptions after 20 books. I liked the early books better, particularly Death at La Fenice and Aqua Alta featuring Flavia (the soprano) and Brett.


I keep buying these as they are published and then stack them up for that "one day" when I'll get through them. I think there's 4-5 in that stack now. The repetition gets a little old.

So Stephanie Plum - there's only so many cars that can be blown up while they're in her possession and it was a minimum amount in the last book. She had more hanky panky with both Ranger and Morelli, but if I was either of these two men, I'd have moved on along ago.


Kim, I just read this a few weeks ago and came away with the same conclusions.

Leon always has a few red herrings to distract us, but this time things felt sloppy, just patched together. The old couple from the hospital seemed shoe-horned in, like an after-thought.

Maybe she needs to shake the characters up more -- let Brunetti read something light instead of the classics all the time; have his mental map of Venice falter and he gets lost. Show a few flaws.

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Chris, I may return to Stephanie Plum in anticipation of the movie release though.

Sandra, I like your ideas. Or perhaps something happen with/to one of Brunetti's kids/wife. The forgetting his mental map could have many repercussions given what happened to his mother. It's all so formulaic now, shaking up their lives would be painful but good.

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