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Empire Falls

I was supposed to read Empire Falls several years ago for my book club, but only got about a third of the way through it before our meeting and never managed to pick it up again. However, when I saw I could take it out for free via my library's kindle loans, I decided to finally finish it.

I totally enjoyed the author's tone and the language used, as a matter of fact, I thought the language so well done, that I used this book to balance out the most recent book club selection Fifty Shades of Grey (review to follow), which was so poorly written, I felt as if I needed something to stimulate my brain. So I went back and forth between the two books, a chapter of each, just to prevent my brain from melting and oozing out my ears (okay - so maybe I don't need to review 50...).

My only complaint about Empire Falls would have to be the pacing. From the climax to the finish, I felt as if I was in my dad's car and he was driving 70, then hit the breaks and slowed, then sped up again, only to hit the breaks to slow again. So much so, that when I thought I was finally at the end, I wasn't and when the end finally did come, well, honestly, I didn't want it too. I wanted a bit more resolution - just to make sure everything turned out as I wanted.

I found the characters all flawed and in some ways, all likable. Basically, real people who all have issues and you just need to pick and choose whose issues you would most like to have around.

I only wish I'd finished this book in time for book club, because I really wish I had someone with whom to talk about it now.

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