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January 13, 2008

We Won!

Had to start a new category for this. After all we're going to Paso Robles in a few weeks (need to put some more info up about that), but also because we won! Yep, last night the sisterhood of our synagogue sponsored Passover Poker. Yes, I know, it's not Passover but the game really isn't Poker either. It's just last year when we had the event, we did have it during Passover, and we liked the alliteration (okay, we couldn't come up with a better tag line), so we kept it. Actually, here's the slide we used for information in the synagogue lobby (I created it).


Anyway, as part of the event, we also had a silent auction and a tricky tray. One of the silent auction items was for a weekend stay (two nights), including breakfast and two spa treatments (or two rounds of golf but we don't play, so massages for us), at The New Rancho Las Palmas.

And our bid won! Not a steal, but definitely not the advertised value and heck, the proceeds go to charity, win, win!

Rancho Las Palmas

So now we need to figure out when we can go. Chris wants to go soon, like March because he has carry-over vacation he needs to use up by March 31st. I was thinking October, since we'll be in Paso Robles in February and Savannah in April but heck, twist my arm, not, and I'm up for March as well. Time to call Mom for some begging and pleading!

January 17, 2008

Airfare Booked!

Well, it's done. We booked our airfare for Palm Springs yesterday. There's something so exciting about taking that step, that commitment. We're leaving on March 19 flying into LAX on a 6:45 am flight. We originally had wanted to fly into Orange County but it was a later flight and about $40 more expensive, so we opted for LAX. We return on Saturday March 22 on a 3:45 flight. Now I need to find out if there's any hiking in the area as Chris really wants to do that. Me, I'm up for sitting by a pool, reading some good books.

Also on the California travel front, we booked our rental car for our Paso Robles weekend - $35 a day for a Ford Taurus or equivalent, not too bad. I had started looking into booking a car for Palm Springs and out of curiosity looked at the convertibles, but they wanted $95 a day - way too much considering I can drive one at home for free.

January 18, 2008

Hiking in Palm Springs

Thanks to Jerry's suggestion here, I contacted Kaydee who mentioned that she went hiking with Terry in the Slow Travel Talk forums here. Follow that? Anyway, Kaydee sent me the link to Palm Springs Aerial Tramways (click on Things to Do for hiking information), which looks really cool. Lots of trails to choose from so now we need to remember to bring some warmer clothing. Very excited. Of course, Chris is already planning a morning hike followed by lunch in one of the restaurants up there.

Cannot wait.

January 31, 2008

Paso - To Dos and Packing

Yes, it's freak out time - time that I realize, I'm leaving in less than 24 hours and need to get ready for this trip. I have the added wrinkle that Chris's Dad, George, is watching the girls on this trip. It's not like when my Mom watches them. I can't leave with laundry that needs to get done, knowing she'll do it. I can't leave without food in the house, knowing she'll buy it. I can't leave without making sure every single detail is written down because she'll figure it out. George has a good heart but he's fairly clueless so every detail must be handled ahead of time, otherwise there will be endless phone calls explaining everything over and over and over again, probably at 5:00am because he'll forget there's a three-hour time difference.

These lists will updated as the day goes along

So here's the to dos.

  • write-up girls' schedule for George
  • cook baked ziti
  • take chili out of freezer - leaving for Becky on Saturday
  • food shop
  • finish laundry
  • pack
  • straighten up house
  • put towels in guest bathroom
  • get cash (still owe Shannon $50)
  • print directions to Albertson's
  • print directions to house
  • put cell phone numbers into cell phone, Shannon's Marian's and Gloria's
  • Gym - get cards signed
  • Gym - directions to gym in next town
  • Feed birds
  • Refill Fala's food
  • Call Rena - carpools for Sunday
  • Haircut
  • WW
  • Work
  • Pump iron - I'd really like to slam some faces but this will have to do
  • Farm pickup - or see if Lisa wants this week CSA share
  • recycles

And here comes packing...

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February 1, 2008

Paso - Itinerary

So this is the second year for the Paso Robles Slow Bowl. Unfortunately, Chris and I missed out last year but when we heard about the great time had by all, we knew we had to go this year. Shannon has worked out an incredible itinerary for us, check it out:

Friday: Gathering at the house - mac and cheese cook-off

I think everyone is scheduled to arrive around 6:00 for a mac and cheese cook-off (I'm making a vat of chili in case anyone wants some chili-mac - plus it's a little easier on the WW points than the mac and cheese). I imagine there will be much chilling, and socializing throughout the evening.


10:30 coffee and pastries at the cottage
11:30 Trolley Pickup at the cottage
11:45 Trolley Pickup at the Melody Ranch
12:00 – 1:00 Castoro Cellars (rumor has it they make a fantastic tempranillo)

Trolley riders – the trolley will drop you off and pick you up at all of the next three stops. Drivers - I will bring some maps for you.

1:30 – 1:50 arrival at Tablas Creek more wine tasting - yum.
2:30 – 2:50 pickup at Tablas Creek
3:30 Trolley drop off at the cottage

4:30 - 5:30 book swap at the Melody Ranch (I think we're going to pass on this and veg)

6:00 party at the cottage


10:00 brunch at Artisan
1:00 Wine tasting at Justin Winery
3:00 - ? Super Bowl/Veranda sitting at the Paso Robles Inn for whoever is interested. The veranda is a fairly football free zone, while the bar just inside has all your big screens and yelling. I was going to hang in the football free zone but now that the Giants are in....



Chris and I hit the road for the journey back to SFO and our flight home. Sounds pretty cool doesn't it?

February 12, 2008

The Soldiers that Came Marching Home

I don't know where in my life I heard empty beer and wine bottles referred to as dead soldiers but that's what we call them. And many a brave "soldier" gave its life for us at Paso, 24 on Friday night and plenty more than that on Saturday night (we lost count because we kept discovering them around the house, all day Sunday). But at this point, I'd like to note, the "soldiers" that came home with us.


We started our tastings at Castoro Cellars on Saturday and I don't know if it was working out at the gym, or not eating enough breakfast, but halfway through that first round of tasting, I needed a break and my notes lost, remember very little. Yet, a package showed up yesterday, containing six bottles of Castoro wines, three Due Mila Sei 2004 and three Venti Quattro Anni. I'll trust to Chris's taste whether these were good or not because, unfortunately, I do not remember and can't find my notes.

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March 15, 2008

Weather Report - Palm Dessert



March 16, 2008

What to Do, What to Do?

So our plan for this brief respite, is to sleep, hike a little, sit by the pool and read, and some nice dinners out. That's it. We just want a quick recharge. But before that can happen, we first must get some things done at home.

  • As always - laundry!
  • Send in Becky's health form for her trip
  • pack
  • leave check for Anna
  • arrange carpool for Wednesday
  • arrange ride home from school for Becky Wednesday (worse case - she can take the late bus)
  • go over schedule with Mom (or lack there of)
  • clean house for Anna
  • trash cans to curb Tuesday night/or make sure Becky can handle them Wednesday - they're huge and I don't want George, with his bad back moving them
  • taxes!!!!! - forgot about these - everything's organized, so hopefully it won't be hard
  • make hamentashen
  • make sure extra sheets/towels are ready for Mom in guest room
  • pay bills
  • blog missing days - no need, bringing laptop.
  • call haircut appointments - girls
  • Mail package to Deborah
  • Mail Goldilocks contract.

Better get cracking.

March 21, 2008

The Bump and Grind

Okay - wipe your dirty minds. I'm not giving you details of that activity but instead tell you about the hike we did today, here in Rancho Mirage, called the Bump and Grind. At first, after I had slept late, we thought we'd bag it for another day of sitting by the pool but feeling like slugs, we changed out of our bathing suits, and hit the road (with a stop first at Starbucks for breakfast) before beginning our climb up some stark but beautiful hills.


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