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April 1, 2008

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April 6, 2008

Savannah - Initial Thoughts

I’ve been meaning to blog about Savannah every day since we’ve been here but just haven’t had the time. Staying in the house with Shannon, Marcia, David (and Chris who joined us very late Friday night), there’s always someone to talk to, hang with (not to mention having the planners right around the corner), so writing gets pushed to the back burner. Plus, writing that Blue Screen of Death saga, took a lot out of me and I needed to recharge. Being here definitely gave me an opportunity to do that. Plus, this morning, after another late night (to bed after 1:00am), I’m the early riser, with everyone still sleeping, so the perfect time to start organizing my thoughts.

I have to admit, to be perfectly honest (as opposed to semi-honest?), that I wasn’t 100% looking forward to this trip. We’ve been taking so many of these short hops over the last two months, that I’m a bit frayed around the edges, and wanted to just plant at home for a while. But man, I’m glad I came.

First off, one never turns down the opportunity to hang with Shannon. Besides the fact, that she’s the ONLY person, I’ve ever vacationed with who gets the coffee going before me, she also does dishes (yes, that was me guiltily slinking off last night to bed while she washed our champagne glasses and other assorted items – I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. Guess I’m more of a morning cleaning person). Plus, she’s so laid back and mellow, you’d be hard-pressed to hang with her and not relax and have a good time.

Let’s talk about David for a moment too. He’s the hero of the trip. First he figured out how to get the a/c going downstairs (although cloudy much of the time we’ve been here, it has been warm and a bit muggy), then he figured out the a/c upstairs, and finally, got the hot water heater going enough so that we all had hot (as opposed to lukewarm) showers! Go David!

Marcia’s another mellow yellow. Just sit back, chat and drink some wine. Although, I think we wore her out a bit. Yes, Marcia, I saw you doing a bit of rubber-necking on the ghost tour last night. :D!

Now there’s everyone else – and I mean everyone. It’s a strange sensation, to arrive in a city which you’ve never been, start to unload your car, and run into not two, or three or even four people you know but a dozen! With the planning committee staying around the corner, and Jane, Ken and the famous Casey, across the square, we had met all our “neighbors” within the first 10 minutes of our arrival. Because of that, I immediately felt at home in this foreign city. (I remember living in St. Louis, it’s one of the things I hated, going out, and never running into anyone I knew – because I knew so few. I like this feeling, it makes me feel connected. My Mom and Dad seem to be able to run into people they know no matter where they are in the world; I think that’s cool).

Now, here I sit on the last morning of this whirlwind trip, as I hear the others stirring, and I want to organize all my thoughts and get them down, so I’ll always remember them. Luckily, I face the possibility of about 4.5 hours in the JAX airport (unless I get stand-by on the earlier flight), to do some serious writing. Hopefully I can find a place to plug-in.

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