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April 18, 2004

So It Begins

Last night I had a bad dream. Well it was bad until I turned into Tom Hanks just before he left for the island in Castaway - as if he intended to....anyway I digress.

In my dream I opened an envelope from my Gynecologist. It contained all sorts of test results from my last exam - why the Gynecologist was testing this stuff I don't know but anyway, the results freaked me out.

I can't remember everything because it's that way with dreams but I do remember my cholestral landed at a whopping 835 points and I had a spot on my heart and lung - go figure. Scared the shit out off me.

Unfortunately though it's not too far from the truth. Well, not so much the numbers because I'm thinking if you have 800+ cholestral, you're probaby dead but I'm here to tell you that I'm not in the best of shape (to put it mildly).

So for those of you who thought this category dealt with travel well, I hate to disappoint. It's not. I'm not going "anywhere" through this writing, just hopefully to a healthier me.

May 5, 2004

Treadmill Going No Where

Sometimes I think the hardest part about getting changing your lifestyle (e.g., eating healthy, exercising, getting plenty of rest) is getting started. Well at least that's how it looks from here in the cheap seats where every day I start out with the best of intentions.

Today will be the day I start. Jeez, if I had a dollar for every time I said that, well I'd have a couple hundred.

Okay - so one more time today is the day!

May 6, 2004

I Did It Again

Okay - I really don't feel like working today but I don't feel like blogging either. Yet given the choice, I'd rather blog than work.

So just a little note about my early morning screw up. Woke with a major headache today and actually went to bed with it last night. It's a sinus thing and here in NJ I'd wager most of the population is suffering this week with a sinus thing.

So how did I screw up? I'm a big baby. I won't take pills with water - it has to be with juice. I know. I know. Really - I'm not that big a baby except when it comes to this (chalk it up to being a sickly child). Anyway, I took two advil this morning with some ruby red grapefruit juice. You know the kind, not the real stuff but the stuff that's only 30% juice and the rest that high fruitcose corn syrup crappy stuff.

Anyawy - 260 calories - 5 points later, I'm just sitting around waiting for my blood sugar to crash and the real craving/food binge to begin.

May 12, 2004 making me wait

Did you ever notice how procrastination is the best friend to the person needs to change. Because you get to have all the best intentions while not having all the work.

That's the mode I've been in for weeks now. I get to think about exercising and eating healthy but I don't actually have to do it.

Funny thing though, my clothes aren't fitting any better using this methodology.

Here's the Goal

I want to lose 68 pounds or reach size 10 (whichever comes first) by Labor Day 2005. For size 10 purposes - we'll use LL Bean as my guide.

I'm putting it into this context because I honestly have no idea what size I'll be when I lose 68 pounts but I'm thinking somewhere between a 10 and a 12.

Here are the other things I want to accomplish by the end of this:

  • I want to run a 5K race
  • I want to ride my bicycle from one end of LBI to the other
  • I want to change the way I think about food - I'm no shrink, doctor or dietician but I know food needs to become a means to the end - not the be all end all - this one will be real tough!
I'm sure I'll add to this list as things progress.

Here's the Plan

Here are the things I'm going to do to help me get there:

  • I'm going to track everything I eat and drink on a daily basis (this has to be for the good or the bad)
  • I will eat at least 3 servings of vegetables a day and 2 servings of fruit (a good variety of both)
  • I will eat fish at least 2-3 times a week
  • I will exercise at least 2 1/2 hours a week (which works out to 30 minutes a day for 5 days). This one's going to be fluid though because I want to work it up to 5 hours a week eventually (including weight training).
  • I will drink 8 glasses of fluids (mostly water) a day
  • I will weigh a measure my food until I get a firm grip on what proper portion size means
  • I will record my exercise each day.
I'm figuring the above list will be fluid too b/c I have to learn as I go.

Some tools I'm going to use:

I've mentioned I'll be using the old Weight Watchers Point system (put trademark symbol here) just b/c it will give me a good idea of the quantity of food I can eat on a daily basis.

I'm also reading Dr. Phil's book - not sure about this but I'm curious as to what he has to say. I want to finish this by Memorial Day Weekend.

May 13, 2004

So It Begins....Again

Well, it's 7:00 AM and I'm off to the right start. I measured my cheerios this morning into a little zip loc bag. Normally, I just pour them in until it looks like enough. When I measured, I realized 1 Cup wasn't enough but the 2 Cups I ended up with is probably too much. Tomorrow, I'll compromise with 1 1/2 cups.

Anyway - as I said, I want to lose 68 pounds by Labor Day Weekend 2005. With that kind of time frame and it's easy to get lost and do the starts and stops we've already talked about.

So, I'm making a schedule with interim goals and rewards. Here - check this out - it's the weight goal/reward table:

GoalDue DateReward
10 Pounds July 8, 2004Morning at B&N
20 Pounds Sept 16, 2004Day in NYC (Sans Children)
30 Pounds Nov 11, 2004Massage
40 Pounds Jan 20, 2005
50 Pounds Mar 31, 2005
60 Pounds June 9, 2005
68 Pounds Sept 1, 2005

You get the gist - I need to think up some more rewards and I also want to come up with corresponding fitness goals. Oh and there are some rules/guidelines for this:

1. Rewards obviously can't be food oriented (i.e., no going out to dinner)
2. Clothing will not be a reward - heck if you drop 20 pounds, 30, 40 pounds etc., it should go without saying that you'll need new clothing.

That's it for the moment - I want to check my e-mail and catch up on my boards (not to mention work) but I'll probably be back later.

May 14, 2004

One Bad Morning

Did you ever have one of those mornings?

First, I tried to log onto my work computer from home b/c next week I get to work home one day (school graduation - no parking - all non-essential personal should schedule off site meeting type of thing). I couldn't get on-line - either our modem or router was down. So I trapse (sp) downstairs (to the basement) to giggle cords and bank boxes until I see the lights flash again. Then I trapse back upstairs and sign on to the Internet.

Next, I try to get into the system but I keep getting an Invalid Password Message. I'm pretty sure now that my password needs to be reset yet again but also that something's probably not working correctly.

On the food front though, I started off on the right foot. I packaged my cheerios, took a container w/ some mixed fresh vegies (carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumber) and grabbed a Columbo Raspberry Yogurt (Columbo gives you an extra 2 ounces over Dannon - it's not so much as the quantity as the principle. Dannon reduced the size of their containers but didn't reduce the price - as if we wouldn't notice)! I also made myself another tuna fish sandwich for lunch.

BTW - I make my tuna fish sandwich w/ Smart Balance mayo (1T = 10 calories and no fat) which isn't really half-bad.

Anyway, as I'm driving to work, my cell phone rings. I hate when my cell phone rings while I'm driving. Especially at that hour b/c I'm thinking, one of the kids is sick. So I'm cruisin' down the road at 55 mph - debating whether I should let my voice mail pick it up or if I should answer - and at the same time, I'm blindly digging through my pocketbook searching for the stupid thing.

Another thought, we have this thing all wrong. We shouldn't have tiny cell phones but darn big ones so their easy to grab w/o taking your eyes off the road. Of course, in 6 weeks it won't matter here b/c it will be illegal to talk and drive at the same time.

Anyway, I finally grab the thing, of course, just as the ringer cuts out. Figures, but before I can put it down it starts again. Uh oh - emergency. I glance at the caller ID - sure enough - it's home.


"Hey," It's not Peggy though, the woman who watches the girls for me in the morning, it's Chris. Chris, who was leaving right after me but obviously didn't. Chris, who knows I hate talking on the cell phone while I'm driving. So I give him the standard response, "What?" Yes - read that with the nastiest inflection possible.

"You left your lunch on the counter (that nice tuna sandwhich I'd made), I'll drop it by on my way in."

"You'll go out of your way like that?"

"Sure, I know you're having a bad morning." I feel bad - what a nice guy. Of course, he'll probalby want sex tonight in return ;) but what the heck.

On any normal morning, or day, that would have been an excuse to buy something horribly fattening for breakfast as a recourse (as in, well, I don't have my healthy lunch, so I might as well stop at Starbucks for a Cinnamon Chip Scone). Which, of course, would have led to I had that cinnamon chip scone for breakfast, so I might as well have fully loaded nachos for lunch - well you get the idea.

Don't get me wrong, I still really want those fully loaded nachos for lunch, but for now, I'm going to start munching on my cheerios and hope the reasons I'm doing this returns to me before it's time for lunch.

May 17, 2004

I'm Hungry

Okay - I'm not really sure if I'm hungry or if I just feel like eating - know what I mean? I'm thinking it's more like I feel like eating - "hungry in my throat"

Only thing is I forgot to bring some fruit with me this morning, which is what I'd normally reach for. I could have my yogurt but I'm already at 4 points for this morning and I have a decent size lunch....I know I'm being wishy-washy.

I'm drinking some coffee, hoping that takes the edge off but it's really not working. Times like these I wonder - do other people, normal fit people, get these "cravings" or do they really stay satisfied from breakfast to lunch? Maybe they just stay occupied? I am working pretty diligently - other than my sneak away to post this stuff but still....

You know - I wonder about what other people, without weight issues do. The woman, who sits behind me at work, arrives every morning with neat little packets of pre-measured food, a sandwich, some chips, a vegetable, some sliced apple - I think she brings enough to have something almost every hour she's here. Maybe that's an idea? Of course, she also brings two cans of coca-cola - which is definitely a big no-no for me. Yet she's still pretty fit.

Wow - 11:00 - now I'm starting to have real hunger but I'm eating lunch at 11:30 today, so hopefully I can make it.

May 18, 2004

The Problem With Scales

I don't own a very good scale. It's the old-fashioned kind that has the spin around dial (my good is to get it to not spin around more than once - which of course gives you a hint as to how overweight I am)...anyway, I digress.

The problem with this scale or any scale is it's availability. I have a tendency to get on the scale each morning when I'm in a healthy kick. It's a great thing when the scale shows me down a substantial amount (like on Saturday when it said I was down 3 pounds), but it's lousy on a morning like today when it shows me down only two.

Forget the fact that intellectually I know your body weight can fluctuate as much as 5 pounds within the day. Forget the fact that scale placement on my floor can affect a reading. Forget the fact that the difference could be pre-shower and post-shower - it just shows a pound gain and it's discouraging.

I need to find a way to limit my scale fix to once a week. Don't think I could survive more than that.

May 20, 2004

Week One Results

Lost 3 pounds - but man I need to start exercising!

May 25, 2004

Healthy Living Without Exercise Is Just a Diet

Still no exercise. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy exercising it just feels as if lately I really do have no time. I'd love to hear back from working mothers who work out everyday. When do you do it?

I'm up at 5:15 to just get done what I need to do before I leave for work at 6:30 - things like make my lunch, move a load of laundry along, maybe sort laundry, feed and walk the dog, straighten up a bit and shower, dress and then I'm gone.

When I get home, it feels as if I'm always too tired or too busy - just doing normal stuff.

Do I need to get up at 4:45 (which would put me to sleep by 9:00) or do I need to put other things on hold when I get home, give me a kick in the butt and get moving? But what about the kids play dates, afterschool activity and general errands I need to take care of - I just don't know......

I do know, I need to figure this out!

May 26, 2004

We Have Exercise!

Yep - I did thirty minutes on my lifecycle yesterday at level 6 - bummed about that because I was fast approaching level 7 when last I rode. Still - level 6 doesn't suck. That translates, in its terms, to 10.8 miles and about 220 calories burned - cool. I started with the hill routine - got a foot cramp, changed shoes and so finished with the random routine (a nice change of pace) - felt good and I'm looking forward to doing it again this afternoon.

I also did 3 sets of 10 reps of bicep curls and tricep thingies (you know where you lift the dumbell above and behind your head - I need to do these in front of a mirror so I don't clunk myselves).

I know there are people out there who hate the idea of doing cardio "indoors" but I prefer to take the attitude that the important thing is to get moving wherevever and however your schedule and lifestyle allows. So when no one is home to watch the girls early in the morning, it will be indoor exercise for me. Though, now that Chris is back, I may set the alarm for early tomorrow morning (weather permitting) and go for a pre-sunrise walk.

Takes a lot to get my fat ass moving but once I do, I'm pretty good about keeping it moving.

May 27, 2004

Week 2 Results

Down 1 more pound - given my jump earlier this week, I'll take that!

Drum Roll.....

Grand Total = 4 if I just don't blow it while we're in Orlando this weekend.

May 28, 2004

You Deserve It

As I was packing up my food for the day, I debated bringing my multi-grain cheerios or stopping at Dunkin Donuts instead for coffee and well ... something. I figured it was a good opportunity to stop since I had to go to the bank this morning to get cash for our trip, and my alternate route would take me past a Dunkin Donuts. As I was debating with myself, I heard a voice say, "C'mon, you deserve it."

Alright, don't panic. I'm not Schyzo (sp). But did it ever feel like two people arguing inside you? In Judaism, there's are terms (Hebrew or Yiddish - I can't remember) for the Good Inclination or the Evil Inclination.

In my mind, I always picture them like the old Bugs Bunny cartoons when Bugs would have a tiny version of himself, dressed as an angel, telling him to leave Elmer Fudd alone, and another tiny version of him, dressed as a devil, convinncing him to clunk Elmer in the head.

That's how I felt this morning - too tiny (yes in my delusions I can be tiny) versions of me arguing the merits of stopping for that donut, scone, muffin, whatever and not stopping.

You Deserve It.

It took a moment for my good guy (well, at least I think it's the good guy otherwise this entire healthy living scenario is a big dupe), to ask "How do I deserve a donut?" "Why do I deserve tight pants?" "Why do I deserve panting to walk up the steps?"

That pretty much shut up ol' evil-doer until she came back with - "ah well, you're going away for the weekend tonight, and you're going to blow it then anyway, so you might as well start now."


I may "blow it" this weekend. I may not but I'm not letting that little pipsqueak get the best of me ..... at least not at the moment.

June 4, 2004

Week 3 Results

No Change

But heck, given the weekend I had, I'm happy to come out of it the same.

June 16, 2004

Week 4 Results

Lost another pound - (for a total of five pounds) I know, I'm late in posting but I've gotten way behind in everything. Hope to catch up soon.

June 17, 2004

I Want Something Sweet

I'm so tired; I can barely keep my eyes open. Do you know what I can really go for, a chocolate crossaint ..... or cinnamon scone ..... or something along those lines. When I get exhausted I want stuff like that - aw heck I just want to eat.

Oh and my coffee wasn't hot this morning - I hate when my coffee's luke warm by the time I get to work. I feel ripped off. Maybe I'll walk over to the bagel store, get a cinammon raisin bagel and a hot cup of coffee.

You know what, that actually sounds like it could work for me. I have a snackpack of cottage cheese in the fridge and I could put that atop the bagel. It would be a high point breakfast but definitely better than that chocolate crossiant....well better as in healthier not necessarily better tasting.

I wonder if they have whole wheat bagels - did you ever notice that whole wheat bagels have a sort of slightly sweety nutty taste?

The bagel store by us isn't great. I always say I could make a killing here by opening a bagel store. That could be fun - bagels and muffins in the morning - hot soups in the afternoon - close in the afternoons in the summer (when the kids aren't here anymore). I wonder what's involved in opening a small business like that? I wonder what's involved in baking bagels - maybe I should get a job in a bagel store and see....

Man - got the real stream of conciousness rolling this morning. Again, exhaustion lends itself to many strange things.

I'm waiting for Sharon to arrive, to see if she wants a bagel, then off to the bagel store; it's a good compromise.

Week 5 Results

Down another pound - for a whopping grand total of 6 pounds - heck - that's not too shabby.

Oh and this morning I threw out (well donated) a bunch of fat clothes. I have a couple more skirts to go (will do that in a few more weeks) - which I'll get rid of at the end of the summer. I also ordered some pants from LL Bean that will be a bit too tight but should be fine within a few more weeks.

Oh and did I mention I threw my back out 10 days ago - it's better now but it threw a kink in my exercise. I'll be starting again today.

June 23, 2004

How You Can Tell

Do you know how you can tell whether I'm "sticking to program" or not. Simple, if I'm logging my food, I'm doing pretty good. If I'm not, well you can bet I'm gorging on something I shouldn't be.

Take yesterday for example, pretty sure I could have done without that big bucket of stovetop-popped popcorn. Oh well.

June 29, 2004

Week 6 Results

Another 1.5 pounds - it's hard to tell on my scale since it's not digital but I'm thinking that's a good indication. Yipee - 7.5 pounds!

July 1, 2004

Week 7 Results

2.5 Pounds - yeah for me, reached my 10 pound goal a week early. Detect little enthusiasm in that statement? It's cause I'm exhausted.

Do you want to know the real secret to weight loss sucess, have 4 kids ages 8, 9, 10 and 11 living with you and sign them up for swim team. You won't have time to eat.

July 19, 2004

A Conundrum

It's been a while since I've been here and my pants tell the tale but I'll catch up on my exploits later.

Now, I want to discuss a conundrum I have. Chris started to run. When you ask him why, he replies, "Because I feel like running." Okay Forrest, whatever you say.

In the meantime though, you're wondering, what's the problem? Chris has been a couch potato since college; isn't it a good think that he's moving now?


Chris runs or works out now (he's expanded to the lifecycle on his off days), no matter what. Meaning, it doesn't matter that there's laundry to fold and put a way, a lawn to mow, lightbulbs burned out all over the house, Chris runs/exercises every day and that pisses me off!

It pisses me off because he's allowed to get away with that and I'm not. I'm the one who needs to make sure the laundry gets put away, the kids get fed, etc. He takes off running, and I'm left home doing chores.

But here's the conundrum - the problem - the unanswerable burr in my brain. At the same time I'm angry at him for abandoning me for his new found obsession, I'm totally impressed and respectful of his ability and determination to stick with it. I'm also jealous.

Why can he run off when there's stuff to be done, and I can't? It's not fair. Yet, I think the fact remains, he gets to do it because he's choosing to do it, and I'm not.

So at what point does everyday life go from being an obstacle to overcome to an excuse?

July 26, 2004

You Feel As Good as You Look

Personally, I've never believed that. I'm the kid that would wear the torn jeans to school on the first day much to my mother's chagrin. My reasoning, eventually, the teacher's going to see me in my torn jeans and tee shirt, so it might as well be today. Under the same philosophy, I would stop at a fast food restaurant on the way home from purchasing a new car. My reasoning, eventually, I'm going to eat and drink in my new car, so it might as well be today.

Anyway, applying this philosophy to other areas of life, I'm the person you see walking down the street, or in the gym, or on my lifecycle, in torn, faded, oversized shorts and a stained, torn or faded tee shirt (of some sort). I don't wear my beaten up sneakers any more though because I've learned, you need to be good to your feet.

I could never understand those men and women who could step out of the gym into a fashion magazine with their bright color spandex outfits, mutli-striped shirts, etc. Truth though, I was slightly jealous of them too because in the back of my mind, I figured those types of outfits would never fit me.

Now here comes Chris with his new "get up and go" lifestyle, which, by the way, is shocking all of us. I still think he's hit a mid-life crisis (I mean he's shaved his head, he's working out, he wants sex all the time and he's considering a tatoo - c'mon - who's he trying to kid), but I digress. Chris jogs now (though he'd probably prefer me to call it running). I guess the jogging's not totally surprising because, contrary to current belief, Chris used to be an active guy, playing varsity soccer in High School (nice thighs). It was only after college, that he became the banner boy for couch potatoes.

Anyway....Chris is jogging and what's the first thing Chris does? He goes to the sporting goods store (he prefers Dicks over Models or Sports Authority) and he buys himself a few pairs of jogging shorts and matching shirts (he prefers New Balance). Chris turned into one of them .... the pod people (I won't even mention the preaching he's been doing to me about exercise - perhaps that will be tomorrow's topic).

So Saturday, in the midst of our errands, he wants to stop at Dick's because he needs another pair of jogging shorts and he wants some stuff to get for his bike. Bike? Yep, he's picking up his bike from it's storage place at his aunt's and intends to start riding again (another story here). Okay, I'm game - I'll stop at Dick's with him.

So after we pick out his additional jogging outfit, odometer for his bike, a new bike helmet for me (another topic), a cheap tennis racket and balls for Becky (tennis is the next sport she wants to "try"), we spy some women's work-out clothes on the way to the register and Chris suggests I get some shorts and a top.

Now I'm flushed - why? Because deep down I know (believe) they won't fit and I'll once again be embarrased by my weight. But, cornered, I agree, and tell him to pick out some shorts and matching top in extra large. Peach - he picks peach???!!??? Okay - whatever, it can't be any worse than the Marie Calender's shirt I normally wear to the gym (on some other warped principle) that says, "Life's Short; Eat Dessert First."

We get home, and the new snazzy outfit gets draped over the easy chair (with other assorted clean laundry) hopefully to never be heard from again.

Yesterday, after a huge brunch with the Lehigh Girls at Blue Water Grill, I get home to find Chris wants to take a walk with me - "Oh, and try on the new shorts and stuff we bought," he says. Gulp.

So - I do - and you know what? The shorts fit and they're darn comfortable. The top's too tight to wear in public, but it felt pretty good when I wore it in the privacy of my bedroom this morning to do the lifecycle.

I went to LL Bean this morning and purchased some oft desired bike shorts and snazzy yellow and black striped top - who knows - if these fit, this could be a whole new world - life with the pod people. But I'll tell you one thing, it felt darn good walking with my husband yesterday in my new peach walking shorts.

August 10, 2004

The Captain and Me

I mentioned in yesterday's food log how a sweet cold cereal can ruin me every personal favorite is Captain Crunch - straight out of the box or with a big bowl of milk - yumm!!! Actually, my favorite used to be Quisp. Anyone remember Quisp? He was the alien character with the little propeller sticking out of his head. I think Quaker used to make him. Years ago, when we lived in St. Louis, I saw Quisp but it was in the bags of "generic" cereal and it wasn't called Quisp.

Anyway - so what's my point. Honestly, I don't think I have one today. I just want to relive the moments in my life when it was acceptable to eat sugar and milk for breakfast or to sit on the couch, in front of cartoons, and eat Captain Crunch out of the box. It has to be plain Captain Crunch though - none of that peanut butter stuff. Though sometimes I could get into the one with the berries or even the one with the whale. Now there's something, who remembers the whale one? It had vanilla flavoring. Sometimes I think I dreamed that flavor up along with the yodels that had white icing - oooh boy oh boy.

Now, I eat multi-grain cheerios for breakfast and the last time I had a Yodel...I'd like to say it was years ago but it wasn't. I took Becky to Junior Congregation last winter and the treat (aka oneg) afterwards was Yodels. I didn't eat an entire Yodel, just a small bite of Becky's. I let it sit on my mouth until it practically disintegrated and remembered the days when mom used to keep them in the bread drawer as an acceptable snack.

I miss those days. I miss the "carefreeness" of them before I had to worry about calories, fat and exercise. And as I write, I'd like to get to the point where I could say I'm much happier now and feel much better now that I workout and eat food that's good for me. Truth? I don't. As I write, I've come to the conclusion that once every so often, it should be okay to sit down with a bowl of Captain Crunch or Frosted Flakes, or even a Yodel and a glass of milk. I'm not saying every day - but once or twice a year - it shouldn't be such a big long as I exercise I little extra to make up for it.

August 12, 2004

Week 13 Results

Well, there aren't any results because I haven't lost any weight since Week 7. On the flip side, I haven't gained anything either. I'm only posting this because I figure you deserve an update. I'm also figuring I need to get my ass in gear!! I allowed to say ass here. Chris's workout regiment though is starting to inspire me; so although I didn't work out yesterday and my alarm didn't go off this morning (power outage), which blew my workout this morning. I'm bound and determined, to make dinner as soon as I get home, make a phone call, and then get on the lifecycle to do my 30 minute work out.

The other thing I'm upto - Chris is entering a 5K walk/run: Gelman Foundation. He's going to run the 5K but Becky and I are going to enter to walk. Sammi may join us. At first I hesitated because book club is at my house that night but I'm figuring - what the heck? You know, what am I waiting for?

August 14, 2004

Top Ten

Last night, at my aunt's, my cousin decided that sloppy Joes "are definitely in the top ten." Now before I go any further, let me clarify Sloppy Joes. We're not talking about the ground beef sandwiches in a tomato based sauce. We're talking Jewish Sloppy Joes, the kind you eat at a bris or a funeral. Corn Beef, Turkey (and I think Roast Beef but it could be something else), slopped with coleslaw on wedged between three thin slices of rye bread slathered with Russian dressing. You'll usually see these on a tray next to a bowl of pickles, olives, peppers and pickled green tomatoes.

Okay - back to our story - the occasion for my cousin's revelation, a family get-together at my aunt's. Originally, she planned a barbeque but with the thread of torrential downpours from the twin storms making their way up the coast (well, actually single storm, since the female petered out), she opted to bring in sloppy joes.

I, of course, promptly agreed with my cousin, but this also led me to contemplate what other foods I might include in my top ten's what I'm thinking so far - in no particular order:

Warm apple pie w/ chocolate ice cream
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Brownie with a big glass of milk
Hot Dogs (my aunt concurs)
Pizza (again my aunt concurs)
The aforementioned Sloppy Joes
A bowl of chili and cornbread
Stuffed Cabbage
Pasta - prepared almost anyway
Fruit (melons, strawberries, blue berries, peaches, nectarines, grapes, bananas, apples - well anything in season).

Someone else mentioned lasagna but I don't agree besides my pasta catch-all covers it.

As I reviewed my list it occured to me - perhaps this is one (and I say one) of the reasons why I struggle with my weight. Sure, fruit made the list but it barely made it in lieue of the previously discussed Captain Crunch. How could fruit beat out Captian Cruch? Well, simply when it came down to which food could I live w/o for the rest of my life, it was the Captain - I go crazy if I don't eat any fruits for a few days (I start crave del monte canned peaches - scary)!
Okay - anyway, I digressed. Look at that list! Other than the fruit, and maybe the pasta (prepared certain ways) and if we push it my chili with my healthy cornbread are really the only "healthy" things on that list.

Do you see brown rice, whole wheat bread, fish, yogurt - any other stuff I need to regularly eat now on that list? Do you see nachoes smothered with beef and cheese? No, but I blew it yesterday having those for lunch. Figure if I bury that in the middle of this dissertation, nobody will see.

So now what? Do I ban myself from my top ten? Definitely not because as I already mentioned it's never the foods in my top ten that seem to trip me up. It's all this other piddly crap. So, I ask again, now what?

Honestly, I have no flippin' idea.

August 23, 2004

I'm Really Hungry Today

And I don't mean I'm bored hungry or procrastinating hungry. I'm really hungry as in I feel as if my blood sugar is low hungry. Yes, I know a bit about blood sugar low hungry because I had gestational diabetes through two pregnancies and had to test my blood sugar at every meal.

So this morning I've had my normal cheerios, a peach, some blueberry yogurt and now I'm munching on some popcorn. Yeah, I know too, I probably should have had a banana or orange or something along those lines but while I felt that my blood sugar was low I really don't think it was. I think it's the zyrtec I'm taking making me feel that way, so I was looking for something that I thought would fill me up rather than something that will raise my blood sugar.

Wait - a new development may have occurred. I'll be back in a moment.

October 18, 2004

Did You Miss Me

Okay, so I'm a screw up. Yes it's been almost two months since I last participated in my grandios plans to get healthy and lose weight. And you know what I've done since I last checked in? Zip. Nada. Niente.

Oh well. I'm playing that game any more so I'm updating my goal dates and we start this entire friggin' thing over again.

I'm off to find the entry with the old dates and off we'll go.

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October 26, 2004

A Bust

Okay, so the weekend was a bust but we had an awsome time. First at the Celebrate..... our town's anniversary party. Much bigger than I imagined and an open bar from 6:00 - 9:30 (then cash). Yeah, we took advantage of that. A great swing band played until about 8:30 - The "something" Somers Orchestra - wonderful.

Then Saturday, we went to the Hunt (aka the Races at Far Hills). I've never been but man - such decadence. Our friend's firm hires a cater and this is one amazing tailgate. As a matter of fact, I think that's what the Hunt is all about - the tailgate - picture 50,000 people tailgating with an occassional horse race run in the distance.

Oh sure, you watch the race - either in person if your close enough to the track, or on these huge giant screen televisions they have positioned strategically around this big open field. Either way, it's not about the race, it's about the food (and drink).

I don't think they poured one bottle of wine that prices less than $50 a bottle a nd there was no end in sight. Of course, we started with mimosa's then moved on to red wine (brunellos, barolo's and some great California Cabernets) but they also had an incredible selection of beer to (my favorite autumn drink - Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest).

Through all this drinking, people are walking around with hor d'erves (yeah - you spell that). Mini lamb chops with a sort of pesto sauce, these sun-dried tomato and goat cheese fried wontons, chicken satay in a peanut sauce - yumm, plus a selection of cheese, dried fruit and shrimp cocktail. Follow this up with a huge buffet (salad, ham, turkey, salmon, beef tenderloin, some curry rice salad type of dish, fresh rolls, and probably a few other things that I'm missing.

They close out the day with dessert - cookies of every type, mini fruit-tarts, blonde brownies - I'm telling you just decadence.

Needless to say - the weekend was a major bust but hey - you gotta let loose sometimes. We'll see how Thursday's weigh-in goes before I'll say how bad.

August 16, 2005

I Want to Start to Maintain This Again

To catch you all up, I quit my job in January, the thirty-first to be precise. Three days later, on February 3rd, I re-joined Weight Watchers at Amy's meeting. Since then, I'm down 24.2 pounds, 51.8 pounds from my all time high.

August 25, 2005

Weigh In

I weighed in today. "A" wasn't leading the meeting b/c she's taking her boys to college but "N" was there instead. She's pretty funny "N". Anyway, lost about four pounds which makes up for the two I gained last week and I'm looking at a 25.8 pound loss since February, not too shabby.

September 15, 2005

Good Workout Today

I did 40 minutes on manual on the lifecycle at level 4 but I put it on Race for a while and rode between 18 and 20 mph. Not bad considering it's been a few weeks since I've moved my fat ass in any way shape or form.

September 16, 2005

Lie Down and Suck It In

My size 16 LL Bean jeans arrived this morning. They're tight but not unbuttonable and I'm not going larger. With some effort, they should be comfortable by Thanksgiving and big by the spring.

May 21, 2007

Yes, I Know It's Been a While

Okay - I admit it, originally I was going to blog all about my weight loss/getting fit experiences. And I admit, I've been incredibly lax about doing this (you see that picture next to procrastination in the dictionary? Well that's me).

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May 24, 2007

Yeah, I'm Overweight ... NOT

Yes, call me crazy but they day I'm overweight, I want to shout it at the top of my lungs! No if you've paid attention, you know I'm not one of those ultra-thin people who needs to put on weight to be healthy nor am I recovering from a bout of anorexia.

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May 25, 2007

Ying and Yang

I need to take a camera with me when I ride. Sometimes you see something that just captures you. Sometimes it's the juxtaposition of the things you see.

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May 27, 2007

Why Did The Pedestrian Walk on the Wrong Side of The Road

To get hit by the gal on the bike!

Okay - I haven't hit a pedestrian ... yet. But riding on the boulevard on LBI (Long Beach Island) it's only a matter of time. Wasn't everyone taught as a child, you ride with traffic and walk against traffic? Do you know why you're supposed to walk against traffic? So you can see on-coming bikes (and more importantly) cars, and adjust in case they're headed your way. Do you know why you have to adjust?

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May 31, 2007

Some Random Comments from the Overweight :D

Yes - you read that correctly, the Overweight. I made it! No longer obese, now I am just overweight. Of course, I just made it losing only a whopping .4 pounds this week. But hey, if I have to eat this way for the rest of my life, what difference does it make how long it takes me to lose the last 25? Anyway, the grand total is ... drumroll please ...

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June 2, 2007

Chris Saved a Life Today

Today we woke at 5:40 to do our long ride. We had to be back by 9:45 to drive Becky to school for drama rehearsal, thus the early morning start. Yet again, I meant to bring a camera and forgot because we saw some cool things.

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June 5, 2007

Is it Iowa?

No it's New Jersey!

Fields of Something

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June 12, 2007

Only One Cup?

Last night I made Fettuccine Alfredo from Cooking Light for dinner. Normally, I avoid these recipes because the serving size is only one cup. And when I read them, I think, "One cup, there's no way that will satisfy me!"

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June 16, 2007

Today I Try to Breathe

Do you ever have those periods in your life where you feel like a kid on one of those merry go rounds in the park? Not the type with the horses but the kind where all the kids would pile on, and one or two would stay off and spin you around real fast? Do they still make them? Haven't seen them in years.

Anyway, that's how I feel lately. You know you're in trouble when you open your outlook and nine or ten reminders pop up for the day. It's even worse when half of them are overdue. And worse than that, when you know in the back of your mind, about another dozen jumble around screaming at you because you forgot to put them in Outlook to begin with.

That's pretty much we're I'm at, at this moment.

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June 22, 2007

Whistle Stop

I just have to tell you, I'm sitting out on our back deck, having just finished work for the day. I couldn't work out here for the longest time because my wireless sucked. Not everywhere, just within my house. It was slower than molasses going up hill in January. So today I played with it a bit. I'm still not exactly sure what I did that worked or why it worked but basically, I turned off the ThinkVantage "wireless radio" then chose Windows as my method to access the networks (it wouldn't let me do this before b/c it said that I had another program doing this - probably ThinkVantage). Anyway, Windows finally found my network but then couldn't connect, so I turned the "wireless radio" back on, and voila, it worked! So now I'm on a lickety split connection and I get to sit out in the shade on the back deck, overlooking the fields and work with the sun on my face.

So what does that have to do with what I'm going to write about? Absolutely nothing, just that I get to be outside and I am enjoying it.

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June 25, 2007

Strangers on some Bikes

Yesterday I met Neil from the Bike Forums for a ride along the D&R Canal Tow Path. It's a great stretch of compacted dirt (so I thought) and shaded trees, that runs along the canal from New Brunswick to Trenton. There's a feeder path that meets this one somewhere down in Trenton and heads off towards Frenchtown. The first or main path spans 29.9 miles, while the second, or feeder path, spans 28.7 miles of great, no traffic (pedestrians, bikers and horses only) except where you cross roads, uninterrupted biking. Not something I would do with my road bike but with my Giant Comfy bike, it was fine.

Now, as I mentioned, I "met" Neil on the Bike Forums and before yesterday I hadn't really met Neil. So I bet you're wondering, are you crazy, Kim? Going for a bike ride with a stranger you met on the Internet on a semi-deserted path? Well, I have to admit, the thought did cross my mind. I did try to get Chris to go with me, you know, safety in numbers, but he had his heart set on a run, not a ride, so off I went. I figured, c'mon, how stupid could this guy be. He gave me his cell phone number, there were messages from him in my private message folder on the forums linked to his e-mail address, it would take the police 20 minutes to find him. Okay, my town, maybe 40 minutes, but Chris could probably do it faster. He wouldn't try anything. Would he?

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July 15, 2007


183.18 miles that is. That's how far I rode this week, Monday through Sunday, 183.18 miles It's the farthest (or is that furthest - I never know the difference), I've ridden in a single week ever. Yesterday, I did 74.89 miles - the furthest for a single day ever. But what really killed about yesterday's ride, it was supposed to be a "B" ride. The alphabet is how bike clubs rate their rides and a "B" ride for our bike club means the riders should be able to maintain 17 to 18 miles per hour in the flats and the overall ride should average between 15 and 16 miles per hour. But we averaged 16.5 mph (well Chris averaged 16.6 mph). Now granted the first 14 miles we did on our own and we cooked, riding to the meeting point because we were running late (I left the house without my gloves and had to ride back - idiot). And the last 17 we did after the ride on our way home (but I doubt we raised our average speed on those last 17), which means our ride was bordering on a B+ ride - something I can guarantee you most of the people on that ride didn't sign up for.

But I digress, as always.

Anyway, I thought that 183.18 was significant and thought I'd share some other numbers with you.

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August 5, 2007

105.75 in 94

Well, yesterday was the day. I had trained well, since January really, when I did the Cooking Light Personal Coach for Cycling which was supposed to get you ready for a 25-mile ride. Most of the work for this I did on my old clunker miyata, on a trainer in my bedroom. The final 25 mile ride, I did outside on a relatively nice day in February.

Next up, I scoured the web to find training programs for a Century ride - that translates to 100 miles in one day, for many avid roadies, not a huge accomplishment, but for me - well - way huge. And just so everyone remembers how huge, let's take a look at where I was several years ago.

Fat Kim

Okay - so I scoured the web looking for a training plan and I found this one: Easy Century Plan which basically had you finishing the century.

But I just didn't want to finish it, I wanted to finish it with strenght to spare.

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January 9, 2008

Bike Training Begins Again ... and Guilt Along With It

So I've been languishing these past few months. Watching the scale slow creep up and my bike gather a bit of dust in the corner of the bedroom (I moved it indoors when the cold, wet weather hit, though yesterday you couldn't tell). Without a goal in mind, or a plan in place, I find that I just don't have the motivation to get going. So to kick off the new year, I worked up a plan to get me back up to fighting distance (40 - 50 miles on any given weekend ride), and am trying to kick by Weight Watchers back into gear (I'll save that for another dissertation).

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January 10, 2008

Think First

Around the middle of December at Weight Watchers, they hand out the new materials for the coming calendar year to those who are already members, beating out the January hordes. Why they don't time in to coincide with them, I do not know. I guess, because you'll never line up with all of them, so why bother. Each week though, starting in December we get a new booklet, this goes on for something like six to eight weeks. The first week was Getting Started, the second week was Get Moving (aka Exercise) and last week was Think First, The Helpful Habits and The Tools for Living. For the past few months, I've been more of a think last kind of gal, so this one, I needed.

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July 17, 2008

Why I Ride/Hike

Brad commented a few days ago that our trip with all the hard rides, and sliding down mountains doesn't sound like much of vacation and he wondered why I do it. There are a few reasons, but first let me start off with a bit of an analogy.

For me, hiking and/or biking is sort of like giving birth. You're in pain , uncomfortable, maybe even fearful but eventually that ends and you forget those moments and are left (eventually) with the joy and elation. I feel the same when I hike or bike. There may be moments when I'm uncomfortable, or in pain or afraid, but eventually, I succeed, the other emotions, and sensations are gone, and I'm left with a sense of elation and pride and looking for my next hike or bike ride.

But as for reasons, well, first, for me, the more active I am, the more I can eat and drink without gaining weight - huge, huge reason.

The second, well it's to see things like this.

Falls in the Woods towards Nebraska Notch

View From Taylor Lodge atop Nebraska Notch

And that's just yesterday's hike. There are some things we've seen that a camera just couldn't even capture.

Now, all that said, as I sit here sipping on my morning coffee and chomping on a blueberry muffin, we're trying to figure out what we're doing this morning (we're going kayaking in the afternoon), and the idea of a lazy morning sounds very appealing. :)

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