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Our Little Buddy

MerryChristmas.JPGMerry Christmas to MarcWe have a new addition to our happy little family. He's an English Bulldog puppy named Count Meatball of Azurewood. Santa brought Meatball for Marc...he must have been very good last year. :) Meatball was just three pounds at Christmas and look at him now! At five months old he's a whopping 22 pounds and still growing. He's just a tiny bit spoiled...haha. Meatball has been such a wonderful addition to our little family that we're going to get him a little buddy of his own. We're planning for her arrival at the end of June. MarcAndMeatball.jpgAren't they cute?

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Meatball is adorable. The owners of the flat that we rented in Florence had an English Bulldog. Maria was very cute and visited with us everyday!


Look at those sweet faces.

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