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What The Heck Is A Frozen Shoulder?

Last November I started noticing some tenderness in my right shoulder. I thought I might have pulled a muscle and left it alone to heal. I noticed just how tender it was when I was having trouble snorkeling off the coast of Grand Cayman. Still, I let it go. By March, I was having trouble dressing myself. That's where I drew the line and decided to get some help. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. What the heck is a frozen shoulder, you ask?
It was explained that I probably had injured my shoulder and stopped using it like I normally would because of the pain. Because I wasn't moving my arm properly, scar tissue began to form around my shoulder. In time, this scar tissue restricted the movement of my arm, which caused pain, which made me not move my arm...blah, blah...vicious circle. This all seems about right, except I don't remember actually injuring my shoulder.
I went to rehab(torture) 3 times a week for a month to see if they could break the scar tissue and 'free' my shoulder...can you say PAIN?! Nothing happened. It was no more 'free' than the day I started. The doctor decided to put me in the hospital and 'free' my arm for me. Basically, he knocked me out and yanked on my arm until the scar tissue broke, and my arm moved like it should. Glad I wasn't awake for that one!
I spent the next month in rehab. It was still 3 days a week of torture, but this time I was getting some results. It's been about 2 months since I finished the rehab visits and I have full range of motion. WooHooo!
So, does this fall under the category of use it, or lose it? I'm not quite sure, but I'm swinging that arm around a little every day, so I don't find out!

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