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It's Only Rock -n- Roll

Marc and I have an upstairs bonus room in our house. It has a little cubby hole area we didn't think was going to be very useful, because it's small. We finally came up with a solution.

Since we needed a place to put our jukebox, we thought we should work with the music idea. We started to compile a list of our favorite bands/albums from when we were teenagers. This was an interesting task because we didn't really have the same taste in music. Then we had to decide which ones were "wall worthy" because we were going to hunt down these albums, frame them and hang them on the wall.

We are having so much fun with this project! Marc and I didn't know each other when we were teenagers and lived in different parts of the country. We're having a great time sharing the memories that are tied to all these albums. We haven't found all of our favorites yet, so some of the ones that are hanging are just placeholders...so the walls look finished. At some point we'll probably hang some curtains and add some fun carpet, but for now we're just doing the fun stuff.




What do you think? Bring back any teenage memories?

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What a great collection and great way to display. They bring back many memories. And they are in great condition. Many of ours are worn from handling them so much playing them.

This is so cool! I really miss albums solely because of the covers; the art just isn't the same now that it's so small. It's a great idea to display them like this.

That looks great! And I see some of my old favorites:)

Love it! It looks fabulous - where did you find the frames to fit or were they custom?


At first I thought you had it separated by "his & her" walls. I thought I knew which wall was Lisa's as soon as I saw AC/DC and KISS. The other wall had "Rush 2112" and Nazereth. Definitely Lisa (or Joey or John or well me). Now I'm confused! Tell me Lisa, are they mix/matched or his/her?


The walls are mix/matched for the moment. Some of the ones on the right wall are just placeholders. When we find all the exact ones we want, then we'll divide the walls.

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