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It’s the Little Things…

In November I’ll be back in Rome and I’m counting the days. Here are a few of the little things I love about Rome.

I love the walk-up shrines where you can drop in some coins, light a candle and say a prayer. It makes me smile and wonder how many little old ladies do this on a regular basis. My grandmother would’ve loved this.

I love to walk with Marc late at night. The last time we were in Rome we stayed near the Colosseum. One night we went for a walk at about 3 am. The city was sleeping and it was so peaceful and absolutely beautiful.

I love the quaint little flower shops. Even in December these little shops are bursting with flowers spilling onto the street. It’s hard to walk by and not buy some. This year I’ll be bringing lots of fresh flowers back to my hotel room.

I love to watch people driving their Vespas. I get a kick out of seeing a woman in a dress and high heels, or a man in a suit, driving them to work. It’s very interesting to see how they cover parts of the Vespa to protect themselves from the cold and rain. It’s just a little thing, but I like it.

I love to look at the doors in the residential areas. It makes me wonder what’s on the other side. Sometimes there is an apartment, sometimes a whole courtyard. One time we were walking down the street when a door opened and a beautiful woman in her mid 60’s walked out. She was wearing a fabulous coat and very high heels…stunning! For the next 10 minutes I daydreamed about where she might be going.

These are the things I’m dreaming about while I wait for my return to Rome.

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Hi Lisa, I have a photo of this very shrine!! What a neat coincidence.

Lucky you to be returning to Rome in November. I've only been there once about three years ago, but hope to get back someday in the not too distant future. Alas, my husband does not share my passion for Italy :( so whenever I do make it back to Rome, I'll likely be solo, or with my mother (fortunately she is a wonderful travelling companion though!)

What a beautiful little shrine! I love seeing those.

Welcome back to blogging!

You definitely captured the ambiance of Rome. There is something magical about the city. I love it much more than Venice. Now if I can just drag my husband to Rome.

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