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It's Time For A Diet

One thing I LOVE to do is eat...and it shows...on my hips...and my thighs. You get the idea. I'll be turning 50 on November 18th, so with this milestone birthday coming up I'm taking a good look at the first half of my life, and making plans for the second half.

I've put on some extra pounds in the last few years and I think it's time to take it off. I'm really looking forward to my 50's, and want to start off by looking good and feeling good. That means it's time for a diet. This is kind of a new thing for me, so I'm not really sure what to do.

After some careful consideration I've come up with a plan. I can't get anywhere if I don't know where I'm going, so the first thing I'm going to do is set a goal. I would like to lose 25 pounds. This would get me back into my comfort zone...the weight I've been most of my adult life. The next thing is to set a deadline. I think the first of the year is realistic. I'd like to work hard to lose as much as possible before November 12th when I leave for Italy. I know it will be hard to lose anything while I'm in Italy (duh), but hopefully all the walking will keep me from gaining any weight. The holidays will be a challenge, but that's what this whole thing is about...a challenge. Today I am at 152 pounds...boy, that's hard to admit! Everyone has their own weight where they are comfortable, regardless of what the charts and other people think. I am 5' 7'', and my comfort zone is around 125 pounds. That's where I feel the best.

Now, how do I accomplish this lofty goal? I've been following the Pomodori e Vino/ blog, and cooking up a storm, and I don't intend to stop. I'm not going to starve myself and I'm not going on any fad diets. First, I'm going to cut out most of the Pepsi I drink. Second, I'll cut down my calories. I will continue to cook whatever I want, but I won't put the serving bowls on the table. In addition, I'll take small portions and not go back for seconds. I think it's important to only eat when I'm actually hungry. Bad habits, like eating food at the computer and TV will be hard to break, but necessary.

I'll need to add some exercise to the mix. Marc and I have been walking lately to break in my new boots for vacation, so that will continue. We try to walk for about 30-45 minutes every evening. In addition, I bought a Wii, and will try one of the exercise games. I bought one that is a 30 day exercise routine which I'm going to start it today.

I hope this is a good plan, but I would LOVE to hear any comments or suggestions. I need all the help and support I can get. It would be so nice to be in a size 8 again.

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I so feel your pain! After turning 50 this past April I gained 20 lbs almost overnight and have no real idea how to get rid of it! Your plan sounds good, and I'll be interested in seeing how it works out.

Congratulations on your sensible plan. It is helpful to me to use an I-phone app called "lose it" . Just keeping track of what you eat is great. It can also help you set your goal and figures, for example if you want to lose 25 lbs at 1.5 lbs a week, how many calories you get. Then you get extra for exercise. It is great for 99 cents!

miriam kennelly:

I can identify with in so many ways! I love food both cooking it and eating it... I like nothing better than trying out new (and old) recipes for family and friends.... it's played havoc with my figure also! I will be looking forward to see how well you do for your trip to Italy... Just keep thinking "Italy is going to be my reward for being so good" The best of luck to you in your quest for weight loss!


Wow! 152 pounds...I remember 152 pounds...barely. None of my remaining "fat clothes" even fit anymore. I know what an Italian sausage feels like now. How embarrassing, I need to fit into dress clothes tomorrow for one of Kellie's Confirmation events at church. I admit, I am not a clothes horse--especially at 169 pounds. But was I ever? I guess only when I was borrowing your clothes! HAHA So, I went out to look for one of those shaper things you wear under clothes to suck in some of your bulk...Italian Sausage...enough said. So, Lisa, I guess I will have to get back on my diet as well. Bad timing. I am starting a new job (that's what help sink me the last time) and volleyball is about to start back up...hard to eat healthy while you are always on the road. Literally, on the road: I eat alot while driving. Can't eat a salad while driving. And darn McDonalds with those $1 any sized drinks.

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