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Scouting For Treasures

We've been trying to decide what to do with the living room in our house... we need tables. We've been here for a year now, I think it's time. I didn't want to just go buy the same thing everyone else has. I wanted something different and interesting and maybe old.

We found these four table/cabinets. They're all a bit different, interesting and a bit old. It's a start.





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I would be thrilled to have any one of your "new" old tables in my house! I love shopping for antiques and have a few pieces that I cherish. Your home and decorations are wonderful!!


Hey Mindy, you have to wait in line. There is a pecking order...Lisa then me. :) HaHa! Have you ever heard of an "Heir and a spare?" Yes, I am Lisa's little sister! Nice to meet you. :)

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